4 hopes for Two Cops

At the time I’m writing this, I don’t know yet if Two Cops will require the Viki Pass Plus. If it does, I won’t be watching it; if it doesn’t, I am inclined to check it out. I’ve considered myself a fan of Jo Jung-suk for years, though to date I have only completed two of his projects (What’s Up? and Fatal Encounter). I’ve seen precisely none of Hyeri’s or Hoya’s projects, and only have vague memories of Lee Shi-un in W. With that being the baseline of my expectations, here are my four hopes for the show:

  1. The romance between Dong-tak and Ji-ahn isn’t creepy/predatory. There are thirteen years between the actors, and the instant there is any hint of “better wait until she’s more grown up,” I’m bailing. It doesn’t look as if there will be any childhood portions (didn’t see anyone cast as younger versions of the MCs, at least), so I’m hoping we’ll avoid all of that entirely.
  2. Jin-ahn and her career are taken seriously. Yes, I know this is a comedy, but I would much rather the comedy focus on two men with opposite personalities in one body than in belittling the rookie reporter lady. I want her to be tough and scrappy, and even if there are wacky hijinks, I want her and her career to be valuable and important instead of an afterthought.
  3. The possession rules make sense. Look, kdrama world, I am begging you: please have your supernatural rules in order. I’m fine if the characters have to discover them along the way, and I’m okay if they’re odd-ball or quirky, but I want the supernatural to be internally consistent and not just follow the rules of narrative necessity (aka, shit we wrote ourselves into a corner and/or are too lazy to think of a solution that doesn’t contradict everything we’ve done before).
  4. Ji-ahn, Dong-tak, and Soo-chang become a formidable team. I’d love for them to tackle some kind of big bad together, utilizing everyone’s special skills/talents. Maybe an intricate con that Soo-chang plans? I don’t know, I feel like the three of them could do some pretty awesome investigations together and bring some bad guys to justice.

Are you planning to watch the show? If so, what are your hopes for it? Let me know!