Closing – 4 Hopes for This Week My Wife Will Have an Affair

You know, one of these days I will actually be able to do this once I have finished an entire show. Wouldn’t that be something? Here were my four hopes going in to the show, and here’s how it actually panned out by the time I bailed:

An explanation for how Hyun-woo and Soo-yeon got to where they are now. This was one of the driving forces for why I bailed after four episodes (aka, a third of the show’s run). Other than a couple hints (mostly about lack of communication), we had almost no information about where or why things started going wrong. Maybe if Hyun-woo hadn’t spent most of episode four’s scenes with his wife shouting, we would have gotten somewhere. Oh well.

We get to see Soo-yeon’s opinion on her relationship with her husband. Nope, not at all. Her two chances to speak and explain herself were shouted down by Hyun-woo. Maybe this will happen later?

Hyun-woo tries all of his internet advice and fails. Kind of? There was a lot fewer suggestions than I anticipated and a lot more just inane commentary from everyone. Then again, the internet really wasn’t necessary when he had Bo-young there to deliver the perfect advice every time. (Okay, there was one good commenter, too, but the rest of them were worthless.) Very little of it helped him understand Soo-yeon or even himself, really, which was unfortunate, because that was the point of me wanting him to fail. I wanted him to realize that he needed to understand his wife in order to sort everything out. Instead, he yelled at her. *sighs*

The women get to have female friends and co-workers. This kind of happened! While we’ve really only gotten thirty-second glimpses into Soo-yeon’s life, she did have female co-workers and went to a birthday party where she hung out with her son’s friend’s moms, so that kind of counts. Bo-young never seemed to have any friends outside of work beyond a vaguely referenced senior, but there were other female employees on her team, and they occasionally exchanged dialogue (but not pass the Bechdel Test, sadly).

This Week My Wife Will Have an Affair, Episode 4

TL;DR: For about half an hour, I thought this show might pull it off. It didn’t. I’m out, my friends.


I tried to hang on to my sympathy for Hyun-woo for as long as I could; it lasted roughly half an episode. Look, sir, I know the thing with your wife looks really bad right now. I think you handled the confrontation in the hotel room about as well as could be expected. Go ahead and get drunk with your buddies and be angry. Do some brooding. Vent. Be upset that everyone jumps to the conclusion that you must be the one cheating.

But you lost me with the second conversation between you and Soo-yeon. I use “conversation” loosely considering you told your wife you would let her speak first only to start interrupting her and then end up yelling at her. You’re the one who escalated that scene, and to top it off, when she got fed up with you screaming at her and not listening, you grabbed her twice by the arm so you could yell at her some more. I hate wrist/arm grabs with a burning passion, and you managed to do almost all the worst parts of one. Continue reading “This Week My Wife Will Have an Affair, Episode 4”

This Week My Wife Will Have an Affair, Episode 3

TL;DR: On the one hand, it’s impressive that watching Hyun-woo sit on a couch for half an episode was interesting. On the other hand, it was half an episode.


This is the episode where my sympathy for Hyun-woo took a major hit. I almost feel bad for saying it, considering the show did a great job of exploring his uncertainty and agony in that hotel lobby, but right now I’m actively rooting for Soo-yeon to be cheating on him. Why am I so heartless? Because Hyun-woo covered for Yoon-gi when Ah-ra came to the office.

Look, it doesn’t say very good things about Hyun-woo’s moral fiber that he is mostly just mildly disapproving about Yoon-gi’s cheating (until he got a taste of that gnawing awfulness himself), but staying out of it is still better than actively lying and covering up Yoon-gi’s affairs, at least in my book. The moment Hyun-woo covered for Yoon-gi despite suspecting his wife was cheating on him was the moment I decided I would actually be okay if Soo-yeon was getting it on with another man. Continue reading “This Week My Wife Will Have an Affair, Episode 3”

This Week My Wife Will Have an Affair, Episode 2

TL;DR: No, seriously, who wastes a perfectly good cake like that? And on the carpet, too.


So here’s the tragedy of this episode: Hyun-woo doesn’t realize that this isn’t about him. Now, I say that with all possible sympathy for him, but the truth of the matter is that if Soo-yeon is cheating on him, it has very little to do with him. Unless the show is hiding even more from us than Soo-yeon’s inner thoughts and feelings, Hyun-woo is a pretty decent husband and they have an average relationship. If Soo-yeon is cheating, it’s because she wants to cheat. Hyun-woo hasn’t driven her to it, and she’s not punishing him for some bad behavior on his part (being neglectful/abusive/etc.).

And he doesn’t get that yet, as his drunken rant at the claw game and claw game owner is any indication. Or perhaps he has an inkling of it, and that’s why he can’t bring himself to just talk to her about his suspicions. I wanted to be proud of him for deleting the emails the PI sent him—holy invasion of privacy, Batman!—but it was also clearly a moment of despair for him. If he finds out that his suspicions are right, that is going to kill the last of his desperate hope. And he is going to cling to that hope, even if there are only ten hours left. Continue reading “This Week My Wife Will Have an Affair, Episode 2”

This Week My Wife Will Have an Affair, Episode 1

TL;DR: It is always a pleasant surprise when a show exceeds your expectations, and This Week My Wife Will Have an Affair is (so far) clever and entertaining. Here’s hoping it lasts.


It has been a long time since I’ve watched a drama with such a tight point-of-view. Sure, we do get occasional scenes that Hyun-woo isn’t privy to, but this is unquestionably his story. We get all of his thoughts and all of his social media use—I absolutely adore how social media is being used in this show, for the record. The writer, the PD, and the cast are on the exact same page when it comes to this drama, and that page is that Hyun-woo is driving himself to distraction over the possible infidelity of his wife. Continue reading “This Week My Wife Will Have an Affair, Episode 1”

4 Hopes for This Week My Wife Will Have an Affair

This Week My Wife Will Have an Affair begins on Friday, and since the only thing I’m doing is catching up on Running Man and Flower in Prison, I think I’ll give TWMWWHAA a shot. I’m a bit anxious at the fact that it’s supposed to be a comedy, but the last time I was this concerned, the drama (Heard It Through the Grapevine) turned out to be wonderful. We’ll see how it goes–if it doesn’t turn out well, I’ll probably bail after two episodes. In the meantime, here are my hopes for the show:

  1. An explanation for how Hyun-woo and Soo-yeon got to where they are now. I want to see their best times (probably in flashbacks). I want to know why these two chose each other. I want to see why this is a relationship Hyun-woo wants to save. And most importantly, I want to know what has changed in their relationship that Hyun-woo actually thinks his wife is planning on cheating on him. Have they drifted apart? Was their love story built too much on fantasy and not enough real-world experience? Have work or friends or family gotten between them?
  2. We get to see Soo-yeon’s opinion on her relationship with her husband. This one’s more of a long shot, considering the title of the drama itself puts Hyun-woo as the main point of view and the question of whether or not she is cheating is central to the narrative, but I want to see her life from her perspective. I mean, Hyun-woo can’t be clued into everything going on with her if he gets caught by surprise with the hotel reservation. If she does end up cheating, I want to understand why.
  3. Hyun-woo tries all of his internet advice and fails. Yeah, I know it’s cruel, but I don’t want any of his internet advice to work because complete strangers having the answer just wouldn’t be fulfilling. If Hyun-woo is going to reconnect with his wife, he needs to be able to do it because what of he knows of her. He can’t just lucky into some good advice and fix all of his problems. Well, I mean, he can, but that will irritate me.
  4. The women get to have female friends and co-workers. We have three ladies, and at least two of them work outside the home. (I don’t think those two work with each other…) I want them to have female friends and co-workers (and I want them to pass the Bechdel Test every now and then, too).

Are you planning on watching the drama? If so, what are your hopes for it?

Two New Dramas Next Week

We have two new dramas coming out next week, and despite their wildly different synopses, they’re both adaptations of previous works and comedies.

the-man-living-in-our-houseThe first is The Man Living in Our House (KBS || Monday/Tuesday). Flight attendant Hong Na-ri returns to her hometown after the death of her mother only to discover a stranger living in her mother’s house. Go Nan-gil, the young stranger, insists that he married Na-ri’s mother before she died, and that makes him Na-ri’s stepfather. Na-ri doesn’t believe him and sets out to prove that he is a conman. This drama is based on a 2015 webtoon of the same name.

This show has pages on both Viki and on DramaFever, though I didn’t notice anything about regions or exclusivity. Sometimes cohabitation is right up my alley, but I’m a bit wary about this setup. Still, if I hear good things about it, I might check it out.



this-week-my-wife-will-have-an-affairThe second is This Week My Wife Will Have an Affair (JTBC || Friday/Saturday). TV Producer Do Hyun-woo has a great career and a happy eight-year marriage to the perfect woman–or so he thinks. When he finds a reservation for a hotel room on his wife’s phone, he starts to question everything. In desperation, Hyun-woo goes online to a seek help from a forum filled with people who have been cheated on by their spouses. Two other couples are also dealing with problems in their own marriages. This is based on the 2007 Japanese drama Konshu Tsuma ga Uwaki Shimasu, which was based on a real-life event.

This drama also has pages on Viki and DramaFever, so with any luck, it’ll be available for your region if you’re interested. I’m considering this one, but I’ll be waiting to hear what the comedy is like (and how they treat the wife).

Are you interested in either of these dramas?