Blaming the Pre-Recorded Trend and Drama News

Just a short roundup today! The Olympics have thrown the drama calendar into a bit of a disarray, but once the games are over, I’ll fix it all.

  • Entirely pre-recorded dramas not suitable for romances: KBS official.” Look, I don’t have a horse in the UF race, but it seems a bit…suspicious to say that romances just aren’t suitable for pre-recording. I highly doubt the romance in UF (and by extension, UF itself) is failing because they didn’t get viewer feedback as they went along. But hey, if you’re looking for a scapegoat, I guess it makes no sense to go after the new format instead of the writer or the production or the actors or a hundred other things.
  • Song Ji Hyo Confirmed As Lead In ‘This Week, My Wife Is Having An Affair’.” As much as I adore Song Ji-hyo in Running Man, I haven’t actually seen any of her dramas. 😮 Maybe this will be the one to rectify that.
  • Shin Min Ah And Lee Je Hoon To Star In Quirky tvN Fantasy Romance.” I would be very happy to have Shin Min-ah back on my screen in a specfic drama, though I’m a little sad she’s not the time traveler. It’d be nice to give Lee Je-hoon another shot after dropping signal. I hope they’ll get 2017 off to a solid start!

Historical Torture Methods, 11 Kilograms, and Drama News

I’m a bit all over the map, but it has been a pretty exciting week so far as browsing the internet is concerned. Here’s hoping you find something that piques your interest!

  • Korean Torture Methods: 주리를 틀다.” In episode 11 of Flower in Prison there were a lot of people getting old-fashioned tortured. You know, where the people accused of treason are stripped of their outer clothes and tied to chairs and soldiers yank on poles between their legs and screaming happens? Yeah, that. I had no idea why that would actually hurt, so I decided to google, and here you are. ACK.
  • American TV series Criminal Minds to be remade into a Korean drama.” I haven’t watched Criminal Minds in years, but I still have a soft spot for it in my heart. I’m a bit dubious about the viability of the multi-season format brb, crying over The Three Musketeers, but if they could somehow reforge the magic that made me adore the show in the first place, I would be very happy. (Though I predict the chances of keeping Penelope’s plus size frame are virtually zero.)
  • My Eleven “Extra” Kilograms Are Heavier than My Master’s Thesis.” In this personal essay, a woman talks about the reaction of her family upon seeing her again after she put on weight while writing her master’s thesis in Glasgow. It’s a fascinating look at one Korean woman’s experience in a world that she believes tells her “There are no ugly women, only women who don’t pretty themselves up as they should.
  • South Korea can’t bridge the gender divide.” It starts out with a woman getting berated by colleagues for getting pregnant and burdening them, and then when she reports it to HR, HR agrees and says she is harming the company. Yikes.
  • tvN celebrates tenth birthday with award ceremony.” tvN has been catching up to the three big networks in a number of ways, and an 4th-quarter award ceremony is another item crossed off the list. Let the complaining about formal wear and award-winners begin.
  • “‘The Flower in Prison’ Maintains First Place In Time Slot For 12 Consecutive Episodes.” Whenever I think about how lonely I am with just the six people and a shoelace on tumblr who are watching this show, I remind myself that Flower in Prison is kicking ass in South Korea. You can do it, show!
  • Lee Min-ki, Shin Mina up for fantasy romance Tomorrow With You.” Now this could be a wonderful, lovely pairing. Sure, I’m excited by the time travel, but I am also very excited by the fact that this will be a newlywed couple. None of this will-they-or-won’t-they for ages. Nope, they’ve done it! Repeatedly. I’m over this falling-in-love stuff. Show me a couple in love and united, please.