Kpop Friday: Seventeen’s “Clap”

After having an extremely off month, sometimes I just need to reset my brain with a song that can drag me out of my quarterly scheduled brain fog. Seventeen’s “Clap” is a short and sweet little number with some rock vibes that gets the heart going, and I’m very happy I ran across it.

The song is also, coincidentally, about pulling yourself out of those all-of-the-small-things-have-gone-wrong-generally-blah days, which is fitting for my current mood:

It’s alright, these things happen
Things get all tangled up
Like earphones in your pocket

Like when something stains your white shirt
When you have no money on your metro card
Always on days like this
It starts to rain before you go home (x)

My favorite part is definitely the pre-chorus. I love how the instruments fade back so the vocals can propel the song toward the high-energy chorus. (Especially the final time–congratulations on your falsetto, sir.)

The instrumental break is a small letdown since I was hoping for a fitting guitar solo. Either that or the song could have used a more attention-grabbing guitar line throughout. The chorus feels a bit repetitive by the third round despite some good ad-libbing–half the lines are just clap clap clap clap–but each of the song sections are varied and are tight enough that the song as a whole never drags.

“Clap” has earned a spot on my running/exercise playlist. While you’re deciding if it will make your music collection, please excuse me while I go wander through the rest of their videos…

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