Popularity Contests, Running Man, and Drama News

This week brings you popularity polls (and streaming stats), the Cannes Film Festival, and typical drama rumors. There are so many people I want to return to dramaland to redeem themselves!

  • “Yoona and Kim Soo Hyun Top the Vlinkage 2016 Most Popular Korean Male and Female Star List in China.” I remember my early days in dramaland, when I didn’t know many stars by name. Now I can comfortably identify about three-fourths of the people on these two lists (though I’m a bit baffled by the rankings on some of them). Best of luck in China this year!
  • “‘Handmaiden’ vies for Cannes prize.” I’ve never read Fingersmith, the novel this movie is based on, but based on what I’ve heard about the book (and director Park Chan-wook), this could be amazing. I can’t wait until it comes out in the U.S. Best of luck at the Cannes Film Festival!
  • “Jeon Ji-hyun in talks to star in new drama from You From Another Star writer.” Jeon Ji-hyun was one of the few redeeming things about YFAS, and I would love for her to come back to dramaland. Here’s hoping this time around Park Ji-eun (the writer) steps it up and provides a male lead I don’t want to kick in the shins. It’d be nice for someone to redeem Lee Min-ho, too, before he finally heads off to the military. PD Jin Hyuk needs a good project to redeem himself, too, though he did his best on the fiasco that was Doctor Stranger.
  • “Weekly Top Ten K-dramas.” I had no idea that Heirs was still so popular on DramaFever two and a half years out, but it came in third place behind Running Man and Descendants of the Sun. I remember my circles of the internet being a little baffled by DF’s involvement in producing Heirs, but apparently it is paying off for them. If only it had been a better show.
  • “‘Running Man’ and ‘Hurry Up, Brother’ Meet for Epic Reunion.” I’ve only ever seen the cut of when Kim Jong-kook showed up on HUPB and scared the crap out of the members; here’s hoping that we’ll get to see this reunion episode on Running Man proper.
  • “Jo Jung-seok jokes his way through interviews for Time Renegade.” I know, I know, celebrity personas are typically a carefully managed and controlled thing, but the only thing I can think of when I read this interview is how adorable JJS is. I’m keeping an eye out for his upcoming drama with Gong Hyo-jin–provided it settles on a broadcaster, at some point.
  • “BONUS PODCAST! Interview with Gwynne Meeks.” So one of my BFFs gets to talk on this fun podcast with some cool people about fanfiction. No big deal.