Blaming the Pre-Recorded Trend and Drama News

Just a short roundup today! The Olympics have thrown the drama calendar into a bit of a disarray, but once the games are over, I’ll fix it all.

  • Entirely pre-recorded dramas not suitable for romances: KBS official.” Look, I don’t have a horse in the UF race, but it seems a bit…suspicious to say that romances just aren’t suitable for pre-recording. I highly doubt the romance in UF (and by extension, UF itself) is failing because they didn’t get viewer feedback as they went along. But hey, if you’re looking for a scapegoat, I guess it makes no sense to go after the new format instead of the writer or the production or the actors or a hundred other things.
  • Song Ji Hyo Confirmed As Lead In ‘This Week, My Wife Is Having An Affair’.” As much as I adore Song Ji-hyo in Running Man, I haven’t actually seen any of her dramas. 😮 Maybe this will be the one to rectify that.
  • Shin Min Ah And Lee Je Hoon To Star In Quirky tvN Fantasy Romance.” I would be very happy to have Shin Min-ah back on my screen in a specfic drama, though I’m a little sad she’s not the time traveler. It’d be nice to give Lee Je-hoon another shot after dropping signal. I hope they’ll get 2017 off to a solid start!

Sex, Murder, and Drama News

This week I ran into a number of interesting articles/casting news, including the state of sex/sex education for teens in South Korea, murder and the statute of limitations, and teasers for people who desperately miss Signal.

  • Korean teens fight for rights to birth control, sex life.” This piece from The Korea Herald was brought to my attention by Outside Seoul. It discusses everything from school punishments for dating, 19+ age requirements to get info online about birth control, forced adoption and abortion, among other things. I was reminded of the few lines we got between In-sang and Bom in Heard It Through the Grapevine when In-sang confessed that maybe the condom he had was too old or was damaged during sex (or that he didn’t use it properly). This article casts that discussion in a new light–it’s likely that these two very intelligent teenagers simply didn’t have access to the knowledge they had needed in order to prevent Bom’s pregnancy (and the rest of the plot from unfolding).

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