Kpop Friday: Ladies’ Code’s “The Rain”

After a difficult week, I definitely needed something I could just take a couple minutes to relax with, and Ladies’ Code’s latest single fit the bill. “The Rain” is a post-breakup song that goes all out with its rain/tears/water metaphors, both lyrically and visually:

In the shallow time called memories
In the rain of goodbye that still falls
I am all swallowed up
Welling up above my eyes
Endlessly spilling down

It could have been a dour, drowning-in-angst song, but the music has a touch of jazz and intriguing sound effects that culminate in a chorus that I adore. The music video has lots of blues and muted shades to fit with its water theme, yet there are also shocking bursts of color and bits of eye-catching absurdity. While I wish we had a better (less jump-cut-y) view of the dance, it looks rather fluid and elegant.

It’s a good song, whether you’re dealing with heartbreak or winter storms, or if you just need to close your eyes and relax for a while. Definitely give it a listen:

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