Funerals, Friendships, and Drama News

I’m all over the place again this week, but there were so many fascinating things on the internet!

  • A rare look at Joseon king’s funeral.” The National Palace Museum of Korea has a cool new exhibit all about Joseon kings’ funerals. There are some interesting details in the article (40 royal tomb sites were made UNESCO World Heritage sites in 2009, princes had their coffins made the year they ascended to the throne, etc.) if you’re interested in historical customs that often get glossed over in sageuks considering how frequently kings show up.
  • K-pop Herald ran a pair of articles together about friendship: “Strong friendships among male celebrities” and “Strong friendships among female celebrities.” I found it interesting that all the male examples were actors while mots of the female examples were idols. Some of these I knew about; others I didn’t. Regardless, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I find out that famous people have BFFs, especially when I’m fans of one or the other or all of them.
  • A Snapshot of Middle-Class Lives.” This (somewhat depressing) infographic goes into detail about the lives of the 65.4% of Korean households who are considered middle class. Everything from apartment sizes to how much family time they get each day to spending on private cram schools–it’s all here for you to take a look at.
  • Where are the Measures to Deal with Workplace Sexual Harassment of LGBTQI People?” This short essay details varying types of sexual harassment LGBTQI people face in Korea and how there isn’t much discussion currently (as of January 2016) about “expanding the concept of sexual harassment or sexual discrimination to include harassment related to an individual’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression.
  • jTBC Offers Dual Female Lead Drama Classy Her to Kim Hee Sun and Kim Sun Ah.” I am going to be all over this drama (or at least give it a fighting chance) if it gets licensed for US streaming. Two ladies who are older than this summer’s mostly 20s-if-not-younger stars? (They’re 39 and 40, respectively.) And the two of them (and not their husbands and/or love interests) are the leads? Yes, please! We’re still caught in the rich/poor dynamic, but with two ladies, my interest just skyrocketed!