5 Actors I Hope Come Back to the Small Screen in 2017

I figured since I already did one for actresses, I should do one for actors, too. Here’s an incomplete list of five men I hope come back to the small screen this year—only in something I want to watch this time. I’ll even toss in the kind of show I wish they were in!

#1 – Kang Ha-neul

Moon Lovers just wasn’t my cup of tea despite all of the pretty people involved. I would love to see Ha-neul back in a sageuk with a sword and flow-y hair. A fantasy sageuk, please, where he can hunt monsters and have a tormented, twisted romantic relationship with the antagonist (who is his first love, of course).

#2 – Ji Hyun-woo

Wanted was a valiant effort (on everyone’s behalf), but Ji Hyun-woo can definitely do better. While I love his deadpan/straight-man routine, I’d love to see him in a more expressive role. Maybe a sweet little return-to-my-small-home-village-after-the-death-of-my-parent(s)-and-fall-in-love-with-the-town-and-a-particular-townsperson-while-I-am-handling-the-estate sort of romance?

#3 – Yoo Ah-in

I don’t know if Yoo Ah-in has time to squeeze another drama in before he has to get his military service sorted out, but if he does, I’d actually like to see him in a slick psychological thriller where he’s the good guy. Give me a battle of wits where the loser earns a slit throat or a long prison sentence. He must wear a suit at least 75% of the time.

#4 – Jo Jung-suk

I’ve only completed one of his dramas and either gave up on or completely skipped all the rest, but Jo Jung-suk is a treasure and I want to watch his projects. He’s so good at comedy, but I’m thinking something more along the lines of another satire/dark comedy by the Heard It Through the Grapevine/Secret Love Affair team. Last year gave them plenty of material to work with, and I’m sure they can figure out a way to make him sing and dance.

#5 – Song Joong-ki

I wasn’t going to touch DotS with a ten-foot pole, but I still want to watch 16+ hours of Song Joong-ki. It’s been a while since he was in a sageuk, so I’d love to see him return to one. Something with a lighter tone than his last foray into the past—maybe as a peasant conman who has worked his way up to passing for nobility. Lots of clever cons and hijinks, plus a whirlwind romance or three.

Which actors would you like to see back in dramaland this year? Let me know!

A Variety of Social Issues and Drama News

I accidentally stumbled upon a theme this week, but here are a selection of articles on difficult topics that I found interesting, plus an ending dollop of drama casting news.

Sex, Murder, and Drama News

This week I ran into a number of interesting articles/casting news, including the state of sex/sex education for teens in South Korea, murder and the statute of limitations, and teasers for people who desperately miss Signal.

  • Korean teens fight for rights to birth control, sex life.” This piece from The Korea Herald was brought to my attention by Outside Seoul. It discusses everything from school punishments for dating, 19+ age requirements to get info online about birth control, forced adoption and abortion, among other things. I was reminded of the few lines we got between In-sang and Bom in Heard It Through the Grapevine when In-sang confessed that maybe the condom he had was too old or was damaged during sex (or that he didn’t use it properly). This article casts that discussion in a new light–it’s likely that these two very intelligent teenagers simply didn’t have access to the knowledge they had needed in order to prevent Bom’s pregnancy (and the rest of the plot from unfolding).

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