5 Actors I Hope Come Back to the Small Screen in 2017

I figured since I already did one for actresses, I should do one for actors, too. Here’s an incomplete list of five men I hope come back to the small screen this year—only in something I want to watch this time. I’ll even toss in the kind of show I wish they were in!

#1 – Kang Ha-neul

Moon Lovers just wasn’t my cup of tea despite all of the pretty people involved. I would love to see Ha-neul back in a sageuk with a sword and flow-y hair. A fantasy sageuk, please, where he can hunt monsters and have a tormented, twisted romantic relationship with the antagonist (who is his first love, of course).

#2 – Ji Hyun-woo

Wanted was a valiant effort (on everyone’s behalf), but Ji Hyun-woo can definitely do better. While I love his deadpan/straight-man routine, I’d love to see him in a more expressive role. Maybe a sweet little return-to-my-small-home-village-after-the-death-of-my-parent(s)-and-fall-in-love-with-the-town-and-a-particular-townsperson-while-I-am-handling-the-estate sort of romance?

#3 – Yoo Ah-in

I don’t know if Yoo Ah-in has time to squeeze another drama in before he has to get his military service sorted out, but if he does, I’d actually like to see him in a slick psychological thriller where he’s the good guy. Give me a battle of wits where the loser earns a slit throat or a long prison sentence. He must wear a suit at least 75% of the time.

#4 – Jo Jung-suk

I’ve only completed one of his dramas and either gave up on or completely skipped all the rest, but Jo Jung-suk is a treasure and I want to watch his projects. He’s so good at comedy, but I’m thinking something more along the lines of another satire/dark comedy by the Heard It Through the Grapevine/Secret Love Affair team. Last year gave them plenty of material to work with, and I’m sure they can figure out a way to make him sing and dance.

#5 – Song Joong-ki

I wasn’t going to touch DotS with a ten-foot pole, but I still want to watch 16+ hours of Song Joong-ki. It’s been a while since he was in a sageuk, so I’d love to see him return to one. Something with a lighter tone than his last foray into the past—maybe as a peasant conman who has worked his way up to passing for nobility. Lots of clever cons and hijinks, plus a whirlwind romance or three.

Which actors would you like to see back in dramaland this year? Let me know!

Popularity Contests, Running Man, and Drama News

This week brings you popularity polls (and streaming stats), the Cannes Film Festival, and typical drama rumors. There are so many people I want to return to dramaland to redeem themselves!

  • “Yoona and Kim Soo Hyun Top the Vlinkage 2016 Most Popular Korean Male and Female Star List in China.” I remember my early days in dramaland, when I didn’t know many stars by name. Now I can comfortably identify about three-fourths of the people on these two lists (though I’m a bit baffled by the rankings on some of them). Best of luck in China this year!
  • “‘Handmaiden’ vies for Cannes prize.” I’ve never read Fingersmith, the novel this movie is based on, but based on what I’ve heard about the book (and director Park Chan-wook), this could be amazing. I can’t wait until it comes out in the U.S. Best of luck at the Cannes Film Festival!
  • “Jeon Ji-hyun in talks to star in new drama from You From Another Star writer.” Jeon Ji-hyun was one of the few redeeming things about YFAS, and I would love for her to come back to dramaland. Here’s hoping this time around Park Ji-eun (the writer) steps it up and provides a male lead I don’t want to kick in the shins. It’d be nice for someone to redeem Lee Min-ho, too, before he finally heads off to the military. PD Jin Hyuk needs a good project to redeem himself, too, though he did his best on the fiasco that was Doctor Stranger.
  • “Weekly Top Ten K-dramas.” I had no idea that Heirs was still so popular on DramaFever two and a half years out, but it came in third place behind Running Man and Descendants of the Sun. I remember my circles of the internet being a little baffled by DF’s involvement in producing Heirs, but apparently it is paying off for them. If only it had been a better show.
  • “‘Running Man’ and ‘Hurry Up, Brother’ Meet for Epic Reunion.” I’ve only ever seen the cut of when Kim Jong-kook showed up on HUPB and scared the crap out of the members; here’s hoping that we’ll get to see this reunion episode on Running Man proper.
  • “Jo Jung-seok jokes his way through interviews for Time Renegade.” I know, I know, celebrity personas are typically a carefully managed and controlled thing, but the only thing I can think of when I read this interview is how adorable JJS is. I’m keeping an eye out for his upcoming drama with Gong Hyo-jin–provided it settles on a broadcaster, at some point.
  • “BONUS PODCAST! Interview with Gwynne Meeks.” So one of my BFFs gets to talk on this fun podcast with some cool people about fanfiction. No big deal.