4 kdramas that deserve a do-over

AKA the shows that had so much potential but ended up falling short of greatness. Look, I won’t pretend to know why each of these shows face-planted (though I’m certain that the liveshoot system played into several of the failures), but I’m always going to be sad that they did. If I had the chance, these are the four dramas I would grant a do-over:

#1 – Faith

What was great: The cast was wonderful, and I adored the romance between the leads (and the second leads). The heroine was also one of the few female time-travelers in dramaland, and she was a delight. It was a fun look into a less-common drama period, too.

What went wrong: The show needed to be four to eight episodes shorter than it was as it ended up going in circles toward the end. Magical abilities were inconsistently applied and a real-life injury forced the abrupt departure of one of the supporting cast members. The finale wasn’t foreshadowed well.

How to fix it: Cut the show down to 16 or 20 episodes and either figure out consistent magic rules or entirely scrap all magic except the time travel portal. Give us a better heads up for the ending. Continue reading “4 kdramas that deserve a do-over”

5 Kdramas That Should Have Ended with the Prologue

Sometimes stories start with a bang and end with a whimper. In kdramas, the liveshoot system is often the culprit when stories fall apart, as the hectic schedule rapidly chips away at the showrunners’ ability to adapt or do much forward thinking. Other times the show takes a nosedive at the last moment and ruins everything. And yet other times the problems are evident much, much sooner than that. In fact, there are some kdramas I wish had stopped with the prologue—having a good cry would have been better than wasting my time on the disasters these turned out to be. Continue reading “5 Kdramas That Should Have Ended with the Prologue”