Kpop Friday: Dreamcatcher’s “You and I”

It’s safe to say that by “You and I,” you know whether or not you like Dreamcatcher’s sound and concept. Considering I am writing this post, it’s probably safe to call me a fan of their music 🙂 Dreamcatcher continues with their jrock-inspired music and horror concept combo in “You and I,” and it’s another solid entry in their niche.

The verses are comparatively sedate, but the restrained instrumentation they’ve got going there is definitely a plus. The song feels almost mysterious at points, especially in the pre-chorus, which has this haunting little choral effect on the vocals that just makes me grin every time it happens. As is typical—and a selling point in my book!—for Dreamcatcher, the chorus is basically an anime opening/closing that they go all out on. Here’s a live stage with a better view of the choreography, complete with a magical baton appearance.

Overall, the song has good momentum and consistently builds toward the energetic finish. (Whoever is on that guitar was definitely enjoying themselves.) The lyrics themselves are romantic-ish, but I’m more than happy to read them in a more sinister light as is befitting their MV:

Even if you run like crazy
You’ll end up in the same place again
Your reflection in the mirror
It’s a distorted mystery
When the sun goes down
Keep the door open

The MV revels in Dreamcatcher’s horror concept, from giant spider webs to exorcisms and magical portals. I’ll admit that I’m a bit shaky on the connecting story between their MVs, but it looks to me like evil may have been defeated? Or at least banished for the moment. Regardless, the ladies have some striking sets and outfits, and the MV is fun to watch and complements the song.

If you haven’t given “You and I” a listen already, you should hit the play button now.

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Kpop Friday: Dreamcatcher’s “Chase Me”

It’s been almost two months since I’ve done one of these, oops.

You ever hear a song for the first time that just sledgehammers you with nostalgia? That’s what Dreamcatcher’s “Chase Me” was like for me, which from its very first verse took me back to the good old days of early 2000s shonen anime OSTs. (I say that with the highest of praise, for the record.) It would fit right in with the best of them.

“Chase Me” is a high energy song that knows how to build up to its ridiculously catchy chorus. The verses rein in that energy, just enough that hitting the chorus feels like the group is being let loose to enjoy themselves.

Oh, and the MV is horror-themed, which I absolutely adore.  (Which continues into the rest of their MVs, in fact. More of this please. From everyone. Dark and sinister complements my mood.)  “Catch Me” is a grab bag of horror imagery and tropes, what with seven ghostly girls tormenting a ghost-hunting investigator into reenacting The Shining.

The lyrics could be interpreted as a “romantic” chase, but let’s be honest, they’re talking about haunting your dreams:

Chase me, catch me if you can
It was really close (dangerous)
But, I already left there
(Where will I go this time?)
Chase me, yes, find me
No one can stop me
So that you can’t catch me anymore
I’ll secretly hide in another dream (x)

I’m a little sad this song has under 4 million views–I think it’s a great showcase for a new group. (Even though I wish their company had given them a different name and/or nixed the actual dreamcatcher iconography.) If you haven’t heard the song already, you should give it a shot.

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