Kpop Friday: Day6’s “Congratulations”

An anon on tumblr recommended Day6’s debut single to me last year, and it was one of the best things to come out of the music rec meme. I mean, I love an amazing choreography as much as anyone else, but it’s also fun to see a band making a splash from time to time.Congratulations

Sometimes bitter breakup songs just don’t do it for me, especially if the guy whines a lot–but this, this I like. This I like a lot. I’ll admit that I gain tremendous satisfaction about giggling over how bitter the narrator is:

Well, yeah, as long as you’re happy
–I wouldn’t tell that typical lie.
Why should I wish happiness for you who left me?


Just…yeah, it sucks, but grab some beer and let time fix your broken heart? XD Also, maybe consider that she ghosted you for a good reason. >.>

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