4 hopes for Criminal Minds

I have a soft spot in my heart for Criminal Minds though it has been literal years since I’ve watched an episode. I’ve got high hopes for the kdrama remake, for two reasons: 1) I adore Moon Chae-won and Lee Jun-ki, and 2) the writers had over a decade of American material to use and/or adapt as needed (or use some of their own country’s notorious cases). Surely they have made excellent decisions on which cases to use and which ones to skip over! I know I’ve got some unsubs that I would love to have pop up again.

In any case, I’m excited for this show. Here are the four things I hope will happen:

  1. Romance won’t get in the way of catching criminals. I don’t even know if there are going to be any love-lines (though please keep the Derek/Penelope-esque banter, I always adored that, though I am upset they didn’t get a plus sized actress for the Penelope role). And while I would be all over a MCW/LJK pairing, if that does happen, please restrict it to the downtime between cases.
  2. The victims aren’t women all the time, and their personhood is respected. Abused/raped/murdered women are all over the place in procedurals. It’s an unsavory part of the genre, I know, but an unrelenting wave of female victims just makes me ridiculously tired, especially when the bodies are used to titillate or the victims aren’t respected. I’ve dropped shows for this nonsense before, and I’m hoping that this remake will carry over some of the best compassionate moments from the original (and ditch the exploitative ones).
  3. Ha Sun-woo isn’t the only one to change in order to work well with Kim Hyun-joon. The cold + logical/hot + impulsive archetype is at least a century old by now. I love it when it’s done well—when two opposites realize that they are better together, when one person’s strengths complement another person’s weaknesses and vice versa. When two men fill these roles, they’re almost always allowed to stay within their archetypes while still meeting in the middle. When a man and a woman are cast in those roles, the woman’s position is often undermined (or flat out demonstrated to be wrong by the narrative), and she is forced to change to suit the man. I am fine with a character arc, as long as Hyun-joon gets one, too, and if she doesn’t have to get a personality transplant.
  4. I want the profiling team to feel like a family by the end of it. Honestly, the camaraderie among the team members was one of the best parts about the U.S. version. I loved how they cared about each other and depended on one another and how they really just worked well as a cohesive unit. I want this new team to have those same fire-forged bonds by the end of it.

Are you going to watch Criminal Minds? What are your hopes for the show?