My 5 Favorite Kdramas with Secret Identities

There are many tropes I adore that frequently pop up in kdrama: arranged marriages, found families, cycles of betrayal and revenge, etc. One that shows up with surprising amount of frequency (compared to my standard U.S. television fare) is characters with secret identities, whether that’s a heroic alter-ego, an undercover cop, or even cross-dressing.

Sometimes the secret identity is a long-term game born out of necessity; other times convenience is what initially sparked the eventual deception. Regardless, one of the best things about secret identities is how it makes a character question their relationship between themselves and their love interest the rest of the world.

Oh, and the angst. Don’t forget the glorious, glorious (frequently romantic) angst. Continue reading “My 5 Favorite Kdramas with Secret Identities”

Cosmetics, Cameos, and Drama News

This week has been a fun one in dramaland with all the teasers dropping. Some of them are brilliant and have ramped up excitement for the shows (Wanted, Scarlet Heart: Ryeo), and others…well, I’m sure someone will have fun checking them out. If the others turn out to be better than their teasers implied, I might give them a shot. We are two weeks into June and I haven’t finished a single drama this year because I end up disliking everything I’ve tried.

  • Korea’s Cosmetics Production Exceeds W10 Trillion.” The Korean cosmetics industry is booming–anyone else remember the YWCFTS days, when everyone was clamoring for Jeon Ji-hyun’s liploss/lipstick/whatever-it-was? Over US$2.59 billion worth of product was exported in 2015, including over a billion of that to China alone. (I’ll even admit to buying these Dermal Collagen Essence face masks on Amazon. They’re fun and way cheaper than the ones they sell at my local beauty shops.)
  • Workers Say No to Forced Weekly Drinking Sessions.” Second-hand embarrassment has always kept me from enjoying the slurring-can’t-stay-on-their-feet-drunk stage characters frequently end up in dramaland, and it turns out most IRL office workers dislike it even more than I do. I’ve been at my current job for almost three years now, and I can count the times I’ve gone on after-hours outings with my co-workers on a single hand with plenty of fingers to spare. I’m with the 45% who say that once a month is more than enough.
  • Yoon Eun Hye Films Cameo for C-drama Remake of Coffee Prince with Yang Le and Xu Lu.” Apparently there is a Chinese remake of Coffee Prince, and Yoon Eun-hye is stopping by for a cameo. Huh. I didn’t know this was a thing.
  • Park Eun-bin, Park Hye-soo up for JTBC’s Age of Youth.” We need more college dramas, dammit, so I was very pleased to discover that this new JTBC program is going to center on the lives of five college-aged women. I’m not sure if the “all under one roof” thing means that they’ll be roommates (à la the sharehouse in Surplus Princess) or all in the same small apartment building (à la the heroine and second male lead in Master’s Sun). Either way, I’m excited, especially with White Christmas writer Park Yeon-sun at the helm. Any chance this will go dark? Please?