Kpop Friday: BTS’s “Save Me”

I’ll be honest, the reason this song crossed my mind—besides it being good, of course—is because I just finished the drama Save Me yesterday. Plus, I’m always a sucker for love songs with a bit of desperation in them, so BTS’s “Save Me” felt like a great way to start the weekend.

First things first—whatever that little woodwind-y thing is in the background that’s doing the descant or whatever, I love it. I also don’t know anything about instrumentation, clearly. It pops in and out of the music almost like it’s soaring, and at points it is another voice to fill in what would otherwise be tedious breaks.

The rap verses are well done. Even though they’re quite lengthy, none of them kill the song’s momentum, and they’re all distinct and interesting to listen to. The guys also did an excellent job on the background harmonies, too—dare I say they’re even more beautiful than the solos?

The MV is fairly straightforward: one shot in a deserted, sandy(?) plain with an overcast sky and muted light. It fits the mood of the song well since “Save Me” is all about needing the listener’s love.

If you haven’t already contributed to one of the 138 million views the MV has, you should definitely check it out. “Save Me” is definitely going on one of my favorite playlists.

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Four Songs To Run To

I was attempting to put my music into some semblance of order, and along the way, I discovered that I had four kpop songs with “run” in the title. I love all four of them and thought you should check them out!

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Younha || “Run”

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Look, this song just makes me happy. I love the big bold declarations of love, I love her voice, I love the way the song presses ever forward. The MV is both remarkably simple (lots of running) but also eye-catching, what with the space/science fiction motifs. Whenever this pops up on my phone, it makes me smile.

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