Kpop Friday: Brown Eyed Girls’ “Cleansing Cream”

This song generated a lot of commentary (x) (x) (x) (x) (x) when it was released, which I’m not going to try to duplicate. I’ve watched this video and reviewed the lyrics several times, and I have yet been unable to decide on an interpretation I am completely happy with.

Cleansing Cream

Are the younger and older woman the same people? Is the man really there, or is he just a memory? Is this a metaphor for lost innocence or the inability to move on? Is this MV trying to say something about women’s insecurity re: the desirability of youth? If blindness is supposed to be a metaphor, why is the girl blindfolded as well? Is this the start of a horror movie? That would honestly make my day.

Am I even asking the right questions?

Cleansing Cream

What do I do, unni? I want to sleep now
But my heart keeps running to him
What to do, unni? I don’t think I can go on like this
Please, can you have a drink with me? I ask of you, unni

What do you think this MV is trying to accomplish?

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