It has come to my attention…

that my Twitter and Facebook settings for commenting were out of whack. They ought to be fixed now, so my apologies to everyone who tried to register/comment/subscribe and couldn’t. I’ll do some more poking around when I get home tonight to ensure that the rest of the social accounts work. In the meantime, things ought to be back to normal.

(Also, yes, I will be catching up on What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim this week. I’ll have more commentary for you soon.)

What to do when you’re in a slump?

I’ve had a look at the dramas coming up in the next couple of weeks, and the only one that strongly piques my interest is While You Were Sleeping–which doesn’t premier until the end of September. (I do plan on continuing to watch Save Me, for the record, but that will end before WYWS even starts.)  I’ve got a long list of movies to tackle, so you can expect some headway on those, and there’s Queen In-hyun’s Man, but that’s going to be sporadic and slow because I’m watching it with a friend.

My viewing schedule is pretty blank, and that just isn’t fun. Tonight I circled back around to my list of older dramas that I haven’t seen yet but that everyone has raved about, and I remembered that I wanted to try my hand at a recap.

So, I’m anxious pleased to announce that I’ll be doing a first-time-watcher’s recap + commentary for My Beautiful Bride! I have only done one tv show recap before, and that was five years ago. I’m going to be a bit rusty and slow as I remember how this works. (And sort out just how detailed I want to be with the recap part. I am a terribly slow writer–my normal commentaries take me at least an hour, typically.) I thought MBB would be a fun place to start since it sounds right up my alley and there won’t be any pressure to keep up with a live viewing schedule.

So, yeah. New project for me! Because that’s precisely what my life needs. I’ll get started on it once I catch up with Save Me.

The next ten days

Now that Circle is over and I’ve dropped SDQ, I’ve got a bit of a gap in my drama-watching schedule. I’ve got two episodes left of Naked Fireman, which I ought to finish this weekend, barring unexpected ridiculousness. That still leaves me with ten days before anything I’m interested in actually starts.

Luckily, I’ve kept a list of movies and drama specials for just such an occasion. I’m hoping to make a significant dent in those or Running Man (now that I’m seven months behind…) and maybe catch up on some music rec meme stuff and other miscellaneous items. Maybe if I get my shit together, I’ll be able to write the next chapter of DL.

The first half of the year has been kind of bleh when it came to kdramas, though at least I managed to finish two currently airing shows (Solomon’s Perjury and Circle) and one non-current drama special (Splash Splash Love). That actually puts me right on track to finish four currently airing shows this year. A low goal, I know, but I do hope that the second half of the year is much better than the first.

What upcoming dramas are you looking forward to in the second half of 2017? How many have you finished this year?

A brief hiatus

Just from ficcing, not from blogging.

Between some freelance work, upcoming holidays, and preparations for the White Christmas (Re)Watch, I’m going to need to take a bit of a hiatus from Dividing Lines. I know, it’s not ideal I will actually come back from the holidays this time, I swear it, but I am not going to have the 7+ hours to devote to it every weekend for the next little while.

Things will be less of a mess after the new year. I should be back with chapter forty-one on January 8. In the meantime, this blog will continue onward with…something brilliant that I haven’t come up with yet filling in on Sundays.

Actual, relevant content to come tomorrow. Maybe.

2016 White Christmas (Re)Watch


Are monsters born, or are they made? Susin High School, nicknamed “Prison High,” is an elite school attended by the best students in the country. Between the constant pressure to study and the school’s relative isolation, the students do little else other than prepare for the college entrance exams. The school has just one break every year—the eight days between Christmas and New Year’s—which normally leaves the school empty. This year, however, seven students and a supervising teacher stay behind over the break, joined by a psychiatrist who is forced to take shelter with them after a winter storm. When students figure out that they stayed behind because of the same anonymous letter, they realize that this may be more than just a dark joke.

Welcome to the 2016 White Christmas (Re)Watch, also known as “A Black Letter Christmas.” Want to participate in the second annual explosion of fandom squeeing? Don’t know what this show is but want to learn more? Read on!

Continue reading “2016 White Christmas (Re)Watch”

7 New Kdramas for November

There are so many dramas coming out in November that I’m a little overwhelmed by it all. I spent several hours tonight adding them all to the drama calendar, so you should check them out. The seven new dramas are Entourage (11/4); Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim (11/7); Father, I’ll Take Care of You (11/12); Legend of the Blue Sea (11/16); Oh My Geum-bi (11/16); Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-ju (11/16); and Night Light (11/21*).

(*Please note that since episode ten of Woman with a Suitcase got preempted by a news broadcast this week, the airing dates from episode nine on are off by one. I’ll be correcting that–but it also may throw off the airing date for Night Light, which is supposed to follow WwaS. Right now I can’t find an official episode count for Night Light, so I’ve just added sixteen episodes of it to the calendar and will update the episode count and airing dates as necessary once more information comes out.)

Of these seven dramas, only two really interest me: Legend of the Blue Sea and Night Light. The rest of them aren’t really pinging my radar. What about you?  Which of these November premiers are you interested in?

Pardon my dust

Over the next couple of days, I’m going to try to find a better theme for this site. So if you see something drastically different, don’t be alarmed–I haven’t been hacked or suddenly decided I hate all of my readers. I’m just trying to find a (free*) theme that will do everything I want it to do exactly as I want it to.

(*Yes, I realize this is a tall order, but a woman can dream.)

In addition to adding more dramas to the calendar, I may also end up playing around with the pages/menus until I find a system/breakdown I’m happy with.

While I’m playing around with the website, is there anything you think would be helpful? Anything you think I should definitely keep? Let me know!

Construction Zone

The Olympics have thrown my kdrama calendar into disarray, so I’m glad I held off on adding several late August/early September shows. (Seriously, shifting the dates on the 50-episoders was beyond tedious. I had to do one of them twice already because of last-minute changes and have at least one more to mess with. Ugh.) Once the games wrap up, I’ll be correcting the entries and adding new shows so the calendar is accurate (and helpful) once again.

In the meantime, I’ve finished my re-posting of Before Heirs/Dividing Lines and actually posted the first new chapter in nearly two years. \o/ Since I no longer have fanfic re-posts to fill up my Tuesday/Thursday slots (Sundays will be new chapter days, like before), I’m going to break from the two-episodes-at-at-a-time commentary format for a little while.

(At least until Scarlet Heart: Ryeo begins. I may also check out Jealousy Incarnate. We shall see if I can stick with either.)

I’ll finish out the last four episodes of Wanted by giving each episode its own post, and W will likely get broken up, too. I’m criminally behind on Flower in Prison, so it’ll stick with the two-episode-per-post format until that far off day in which I catch up.

What are you all watching right now? What dramas are you looking forward to in the near future?

The next couple of weeks

There are a whole bunch of dramas coming out over the course of the next couple of weeks (or that came out this weekend), so I figured I’d let you know what my plans are:

I will definitely checking out Police Unit 38, Wanted, The Good Wife, and W: Two Worlds. I may check out Uncontrollably Fond. I’m going to keep watching Flower in Prison.

I am still terrible at time management, so there are a couple of things that will probably end up happening: 1) I’ll give the new shows two episodes each to prove themselves, unless they’re so terrible that one is enough; 2) Instead of doing commentary for individual episodes, each show will get one weekly post for both episodes; 3) If they’re all terrible or not for me, I’ll go back to doing individual episode posts for the survivor(s).

What are you looking forward to this summer?