What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Episode 6

TL;DR: So now I’m confused.

I continue to have mixed feelings about the development of Mi-so and Young-joon’s romance, even though in some respects I actually enjoy that Young-joon is making obvious effort to take her feelings and desires and tastes into consideration. It is clear that he likes her and wants her to be happy—he even took a day off work to see that she did!—but there’s this nagging feeling that won’t go away. Continue reading “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Episode 6”

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Episode 5

TL;DR: I’m hoping that this is just a momentary stumble because I wasn’t exactly thrilled with how this episode went.

I’m concerned by the laziness in this episode over furthering the romantic awkwardness/awareness between Young-joon and Mi-so. With any luck, this is just a hiccup with the transition between writers, because my enthusiasm for the show is starting to cool.  My biggest problem is not the recyclde romcom tropes, but rather it’s the fact that Young-joon seems to have forgotten Mi-so’s declaration that unwanted consideration isn’t consideration at all. More to the point, it’s how self-satisfied he is about doing things for her when he hasn’t asked if she wants them. Continue reading “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Episode 5”

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Episode 4

TL;DR: HE SAID IT FIRST, HAH \o/ (Also, Mi-so is ridiculously beautiful in this episode.)

One of the things this episode excelled at was showing Mi-so and Young-joon’s growing awareness of each other as something other than boss/subordinate. From physical contact to emotional vulnerabilities, this episode really ramped up the intimacy factor for the two of them. It was a delight to watch them—and especially Young-joon—become aware of just how rapidly things were changing between them. Continue reading “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Episode 4”

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Episode 3

TL;DR: Looks like we’ve got some serious childhood trauma on the horizon

Petty, childish jealousy requires a careful balancing act if I’m going to enjoy it. It needs to be without cruelty. It needs to leave the jealous person frustrated in all their attempts at getting attention/validation. And it absolutely must turn the jealous person into the object of humor. I am happy to report that this episode nailed all three of those things as Young-joon tried to win over Mi-so, failed, and then insisted that his admiration of Mi-so was strictly professional. Continue reading “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Episode 3”

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Episode 2

TL;DR: I’m torn between being touched that he took part of her message to heart about consideration and being annoyed that he still missed the greater point.

But let’s start off with the things that made me happiest in this episode, and that’s Mi-so and her relationship with the other ladies. I was so worried when Ji-ran burst into Mi-so’s home, demanding to know what was going on between Mi-so and Yeong-joon. It became clear very quickly that Mi-so, while irritated at the interruption, had probably fielded this kind of nonsense before and was an expert at it. In a matter of moments she had Ji-ran on her couch, giving her cookies and sage life advice to stay the hell away from Yeong-joon and find someone who was actually capable of giving her the kind of relationship she wanted. It was a lovely scene, and I’m just praying that this defusing sticks and Ji-ran doesn’t end up in the jealous second lead lady role because that would be predictable and boring. Continue reading “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Episode 2”

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Episode 1

TL;DR: Well, that escalated quickly.

It’s always a treat when a premier episode has its shit together. This first episode was a strong introduction to Mi-so, Yeong-joon, the people around them, and our heroes’ immediate conflict. In between the comedic scenes (largely funny, though with an occasional misstep), there were some genuine, lovely moments—from Mi-so, at least. Yeong-joon, on the other hand, was too busy being convinced of his own perfection to actually understand what she was trying to say with her resignation. Continue reading “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Episode 1”

Something in the Rain, Episode 4 [DROPPED]

You’d think that, in 2018, a show wouldn’t ask us to accept a man as a romantic lead if he would angrily ask his brand-new girlfriend if she liked it when her ex-boyfriend assaulted her. The ex chased her into the kitchen, shoved her against the counter/wall, kissed her against her will, and only stopped when she managed to break away and spray cream in his face, which blinded him and startled him enough that he paused.

Joon-hee found Jin-ah in the wreckage of the store, surrounded by broken glass, and he fucking asked her if she liked it because apparently what matters to him after hearing Jin-ah’s horrifying story is his feelings. No lackluster, one-sentence apologies can ever fix that.

So it should come as no surprise to my long-time readers that I’m dropping this show. I didn’t even bother to finish the episode, because let’s be frank—how can I trust this show to handle the other sexism/misogyny plotline that’s in full swing in Jin-ah’s office after hearing Joon-hee victim blame the woman he supposedly loves? How can this show make me forget that Joon-hee’s reaction to Jin-ah’s assault was to ask her if she liked it?

It can’t. Goodbye, show. You were cute for about thirty seconds, and now I need to forget I was ever excited to watch you.

4 Hopes for What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

So, office romcoms are not my thing, especially when the boss is a guy and the underling is a lady, mostly because those power dynamics squick me out. But I love Park Min-young, and I know that Park Seo-joon can play head-over-heels in love from his stint on A Witch’s Romance, so I’ll be giving it a shot. (Plus? The feckless boss falling for a hyper-competent underling can be really fun if done well, and I’m praying this is done well.) All that said, I’ve still got a couple of items on my wishlist for the show:

Young-joon confesses his feelings first. It’s clear from the teasers that he thinks Mi-so is in love with him, so I think it would be delightful if he were the only one to catch feelings and end up confessing only to find out that, ooops, nope, she just wants to end her employment with him, sorry. (Bonus points if his confession is Mr. Darcy-esque where he manages to insult her and everything about her in the process of explaining the depths of his feelings for her. Extra bonus points if she rejects him.)

Mi-so actually is a goddess among secretaries instead of just having lip service paid to her abilities. This is a small pet peeve of mine, but it irritates me when we’re told, not shown, just how awesome a lady is at her job, only for her skills/intelligence/etc. to fail her at a crucial dramatic moment so the hero can swoop in and save her. I don’t think there’s a high likelihood of that here since the teasers have consistently portrayed Young-joon as completely out of touch with reality/self-absorbed—but still. I’m keeping an eye on you, show.

What catalyzes Young-joon’s change to a more mature person (because I’m assuming that’s what his character arc will be) is realizing that he in his current state has literally nothing she looks for in a romantic partner (because I’m assuming he doesn’t). Few things are as unattractive in a romantic partner as needing to handle them like you would a toddler. I don’t want Young-joon to grow up in order to win Mi-so’s heart; I want him to grow up because he realizes that he did not even register as dateable because he was a toddler in  a man’s body. I want some serious self-reflection out of him about his own life and behavior and expectations.

Mi-so has friends and/or coworkers that she can vent to. Because heaven knows, she’ll need it after all the Young-joon managing she has to do. I want her to have a life outside of her boss and her job, and all the better if she makes it clear at some point that her world does not revolve around him.

Will you be watching the show? What are your hopes for it?

Something in the Rain, Episode 3

TL;DR:  There are some great things in this episode, and there are some that  do not please me at all.

I am over Kyu-min. To be fair, pretty much everyone else in this show is over him, too, with the exception of Kyu-min and Jin-ah’s mother (more on that later). He was tiresome in the last episode when he (mistakenly) believed that mutual cheating balanced out and that meant he and Jin-ah could get back together; he is especially tiresome now that he’s hunting down Jin-ah’s friends to complain about the blow to his ego. Continue reading “Something in the Rain, Episode 3”

Something in the Rain, Episode 2

TL;DR:  Things got really awkward, really fast.

I am extremely unhappy that Kyu-min continues to lurk around in this story, but I’m hoping he gets the final boot in the next episode. His pathetic attempts to get Jin-ah back after cheating on her would be laughable if only he didn’t believe that she had cheated on him, too. It is very important to me that everyone significant (her parents and brother) walks away from this awkward evening understanding that Jin-ah didn’t cheat because she didn’t. She went along with Joon-hee’s rescue outside the office because it got her out of the first awkward confrontation with Kyu-min. Any feelings that might be developing? Happened after the breakup, which means she’s got a clear conscience while Kyu-min is still filth. Continue reading “Something in the Rain, Episode 2”