4 Hopes for Encounter/Boyfriend

All right, apparently I am in a Winter Mood, and that means I’m in need of a quiet romance where our heroine tries to cobble together something approaching a happy life. I’m betting on tvN’s latest offering, Encounter (or Boyfriend or something equally bland), to do that for me. (If not, I guess I can always rewatch Just Between Lovers. Or maybe Secret Love Affair.) As usual, here’s my short list of things I want from this drama:

  1. Soo-hyun has an interesting relationship with another woman in the cast. I’m not picky, honestly. Her mother? Her secretary? One of the three ladies on the public relations team? It doesn’t even have to be a good or a healthy one, just an interesting one, but my kingdom for a nice, supportive friendship somewhere in there.
  2. Soo-hyun’s good at her job. She’s the CEO of a hotel, come on, let her be on top of her shit at work (especially if the rest of the plot is going to revolve around a man bringing color and joy and happiness to her life). I’m craving some ladies kicking ass in the corporate world or at least not fucking it up so the men in their lives can swoop in and teach them how to do it right. That doesn’t mean she can’t face problems or challenges to her leadership—I just want to believe that there’s a reason Soo-hyun’s has this job.
  3. Jin-hyuk adores Soo-hyun. Look, that’s the best part of a noona romance (it is one, right?)—I want him to adore the shit out of her and respect her experience and knowledge and abilities. He can bring all the figurative color into her life that he wants, I just need him to do it with stars in his eyes and a sincere desire for her to be happy.
  4. There’s a serious discussion about their wealth disparity. I don’t know how I want that conversation to go, but I do want it to happen, and I do want it to be a Thing. (Dare I hope that Soo-hyun’s parents throw a money envelope at Jin-hyuk? Because that would be amazing.)

Are you going to watch the drama? What are your hopes for the show?

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