4 Hopes for The Guest

Still can’t find any news on whether or not this show is getting licensed, but in the meantime, I’m going to pretend I’m an optimist. I love supernatural stuff and horror and Kim Jae-wook’s cheekbones, so I’m crossing my fingers that someone will get the show. In the meantime, here are my four hopes for it:

  1. Shamanism isn’t window dressing. Most places are calling Hwa-pyung a psychic, but he’s supposed to be descended from shamans. I’m like 95% certain I’ve never seen a serious and useful depiction of shamanism in a kdrama, and I want to see it treated seriously (and respectfully) in this show.
  2. Catholicism isn’t, either (I’m assuming Yoon is a Catholic priest…). Okay, look, I had a Catholic friend in high school who was very…interested in exorcism-related stuff (and seriously considered becoming a priest for a while, going so far as to study for it). I’d like this to be taken just as seriously as the shamanism and for me (as a non-Catholic) to feel like the writers did their research re: the theology.
  3. The supernatural rules make sense. We don’t have to know them all from the start, but I want them to be consistent and make sense and support the world building. Impress me with the clever application of the rules; don’t take the easy way out of any supernatural dilemmas.
  4. Gil-young doesn’t get sidelined in favor of the guys. The skeptic without powers can be sidelined hard in supernatural shows. She doesn’t have to believe right away, and she doesn’t have to have secret powers (though sign me up for that), but I want her to hold her own in the narrative. Please?

Will you be checking out The Guest? What are your hopes for the show?

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