A Historical, a Horror, and a Heartbreaker

There are three new dramas out this week, and I’m extremely excited for The Guest. (Please, let someone license it so I can watch it.) Are any of these on your list?

100 Days My Prince
16 episodes
Available on DramaFever.com

Crown Prince Lee Yool manages to survive an assassination attempt, but the attack leaves him with amnesia. He ends up taking the alias Won Duk while he tries to figure out who he really is. Meanwhile, Hong Sim starts the first ever detective agency in Joseon. She and Won Duk partner up for one hundred days to solve crimes while his memory recovers—and they start to fall for one another.


The Guest
16 episodes
Availability unknown

A priest, a psychic, and a detective team up together to solve supernatural crimes. Choi Yoon is a priest who specializes in exorcisms and prefers to work alone. Yoon Hwa-pyung is a descendant of shamans who has an easy-going and even impulsive personality. Kang Gil-young is a detective who is skeptical of supernatural explanations for the crimes that she works to solve.


My Only One
50 episodes
Available on Viki.com/KoCoWa.com

Kim Do-ran’s life is upended when she finds out that the people who raised her are actually her adoptive parents and that her biological parents were murderers. Do-ran tries to put her life back together and falls in love along the way.

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