Three Dramas to Start September

Hey there! I’m back or something. There are three new dramas airing this week. Will you be catching any? I’m personally interested in The Ghost Detective, but we’ll see if I can get access to it.

The Ghost Detective
32 (mini) episodes
Available on

Lee Da-il is a private investigator who can see ghosts, and he specializes in supernatural cases. With the help of his assistant Jung Yeo-wool, Da-il attempts to solve the case of his sibling’s mysterious death. The mystery deepens when Seon Woo-hye begins showing up at his crime scenes.



Devilish Joy
12 episodes
Available on

Gong Ma-sung is a well-respected doctor and heir to the Sunwoo company. However, a tragic accident leaves him with a memory that only lasts a single day. He then meets Joo Gi-bbeum, a formerly popular actress, and falls in love—as best he can, considering his memory problems. Meanwhile, Ma-sung’s cousin, Sung Ki-joon, wants nothing more than to break into the entertainment world and prove that he’s better than Ma-sung, and Lee Ha-im, a successful and wealthy actress, can’t move past her own feelings for the amnesiac Ma-sung.


Big Forest
16 episodes
Availability unknown

Shin Dong-yub has had a fall from grace as a top star, and moves into Daerim-dong with Jung Sang-hoon, a single father making a living as a loan shark. They meet Im Chaeong-ah, a single mother, in their neighborhood.

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