A Mini Drama and Melodrama

Just two dramas for you this week: one is a mini musical and the other is a reconstructive surgery melodrama. I might check out To Jenny since it’s so short. Are either on your list?

To Jenny
2 episodes
Available on Viki.com/KoCoWa.com

Park Jung-min’s whole life is music, and while he dreams of someday becoming a famous musician, his stage fright gets in the way of his talent. When he runs into Kwon Na-ra again—the girl he has had a crush on for seven years but was too shy to talk to, let alone confess to—he decides to push past his fear. But Na-ra isn’t interested in catching anyone’s attention, right now. After the girl group she was in failed, she just wants to disappear. Can Jung-min write a song that will connect their hearts?

Let Me Introduce Her
40 (mini) episodes
Available on Viki.com/KoCoWa.com

After facial reconstruction surgery, Ji Eun-han wakes up without her memories. Her surgeon, Hang Kang-woo, tries to help her piece together her past life, and in the process, he finds himself falling for her. Meanwhile, Eun-han’s husband, anchorman Kang Chan-ki, has a seemingly perfect life—but he has secrets of his own.

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