Protests, Small Bits of Happiness, and Drama News

I hope your corner of the world isn’t melting like mine is. In other news, apparently the military considered invoking martial law in 2017 and a ridiculous amount of chaebol offspring actually do study abroad like the dramas say.

The Park Geun-hye saga: “Military considered martial law if constitutional court rejected Park’s impeachment in 2017” and Ex-Blue House aide detained over Sewol.”

Investigations into the Lee Myung-bak government: “BAI directly links Lee Myung-bak to Four Rivers Project disaster.”

Korean Air scandals: “Arrest warrant denied for Korean Air’s Cho.”

Yemeni asylum seekers on Jeju: “Yemeni asylum seekers on Jeju still need medical assistance: human rights agency” and “Religious leaders call for South Koreans to embrace Yemeni asylum seekers.”

#MeToo: “Reopened actress suicide case shows prosecution did not indict any of key suspects in 2009.”

“Sweet side of life.” This article is about the delightful trend of dessert cafes and the people who stop by regularly for small, inexpensive bits of happiness. (I would totally do this.)

“Asiana Airlines workers hold protest over ‘no-meal fiasco.'” Employees are protesting the disruption of in-flight meal service allegedly caused by the owner family’s greed.

“Over half of chaebol offspring graduate university overseas, assessment finds.” Guess it’s not just a kdrama trope.

“What I Discovered While Making a ‘Sexuality Map.'” A personal essay about an exercise that helps you sort out what you want to do, might try out, and don’t want at all, along with an overview of female desire and society.

“Suzy, Lee Dong-wook split.” Oh, good.

“‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’ Switches Up The Landscape Of Wednesday-Thursday Ratings.” They’re hitting 8% and easily surpassing the public broadcasting dramas.

“Actress Han Ji-min to return after three-year hiatus.” The Wife I Know will begin on August 1.

“‘Fight My Way’ Writer To Reportedly Return With New Drama.” Good news for those of you who enjoyed that drama.

“Dream High actor to enlist in the military this month.” By which we mean Wooyoung. Serve safely!

“Ha Ji Won To Come Back In Spy Thriller Drama.” Interesting.

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