D&D Alignment: Kdrama Heroines Edition

This post is thanks to an anon on tumblr who asked me to classify my favorite kdrama heroines in a D&D alignment chart. Some of these probably aren’t strictly considered heroines (though please give me more shady ladies, dramaland, and don’t think I didn’t notice that there aren’t many young characters falling into the lower part of the alignment chart), but they’re all major players in their respective dramas.

Normal disclaimers apply re: the subjectivity of the alignment chart, and you’ll notice that not all of these characters started or ended the drama in their assigned slots. I’ve slotted these ladies where they are based on my strongest/favorite impression of them—this is the archetypal version of them that I always remember first when I think of them.

We might disagree on the best methods, but we can mostly agree on what good actually is.

Lawful Good: Go Seo-yeon, Solomon’s Perjury

Honestly, what else do you expect from a teenager girl who risks expulsion in order to put her classmates and school on trial for the death of a boy she had barely interacted with?

Neutral Good: Chae Young-shin, Healer

She wants to do good in the world, isn’t particularly fussy about using extrajudicial means to expose corrupt people and systems, and also believes that the system can be fixed with a bit of vigilante help.

Chaotic Good: Arang, Arang and the Magistrate

Look at her, willing to pick fights with the supreme being of her universe and also put a stop to an evil when evil starts interfering with her goals and her boyfriend.

There’s a lot of room to breathe in the gray areas of the world, and we enjoy taking up space.

Lawful Neutral: Kang Suk-soon, You’re All Surrounded

She’s seen the system break firsthand, and now she’s committing every bit of her life to take control so it won’t ever happen again, even if she has to make deals with the devil for it.

True Neutral: Oh Hye-won, Secret Love Affair

She sold her soul long ago for money and prestige, and now her life’s a balancing act of keeping all of her bosses happy and trying to stay out of jail while she slowly dies inside.

Chaotic Neutral: Lee Jin-sook, Heartless City

She got dealt a shit hand in life, but she carved out an illicit kingdom for herself and is willing to do just about anything to protect the people who matter to her.

I will make the world submit to my desires.

Lawful Evil: Kang Eun-shil, Save Me

She is absolutely certain that New Heaven’s Sovereign can save your soul, and she’ll ensure you cooperate in your salvation.

Neutral Evil: Choi Yoo-jin, The K2

Intelligent, ruthless, and endlessly frustrated by all the times she has to play by the rules in order to keep up her perfect wife act, though she is excellent at weaponizing it whenever she has the opportunity.

Chaotic Evil: Jamie, Liar Game

Rules only exist so she can find clever loopholes and walk away with everything she wanted—who cares about everyone else in this sadistic game?

What do you think of my assignments? Where would your favorite heroines go?

4 thoughts on “D&D Alignment: Kdrama Heroines Edition

  1. idiosyncreant says:

    Perfect. Some of my favorite characters in terms of approach are ones who have shifted (or in the course of a story shift) from one to another. I hadn’t given it much thought before, but off the top of my head…
    Kim Mi Kyung’s Hacker Ajumma has gone full Chaotic Neutral after being Lawful Good, but goes along for the ride when her team decides to be Chaotic Good. Marriage Not Dating’s Mother In Law was Lawful Good broken down to Lawful Neutral. She’ll never stop being lawful, but Joo Jang Mi’s Chaotic influence have helped her find a better expression of it. In I Can Hear Your Voice Jang Hye Sung goes from True Neutral (the irony of her job as a public defender still holding) to Neutral Good.
    Though as you mention, choosing the alignment based on the strongest impression of the character makes sense, too, and they all could probably be slotted into one in that way.

    • Audrey says:

      Thank you!

      I love your suggestions! Hye-sung was my initial thought for Neutral Good, but I decided to try for a show that was a tiiiiny bit more recent. It was a close call. I decided for strongest impression if only so I didn’t end up devoting an entire essay for each of the ladies’ character arcs and all the different slots they hit… (Don’t mind me, I’m just contemplating making this some kind of tumblr event with posting days…)

      • idiosyncreant says:

        That would be so fun! I keep thinking of Sassy Go Go’s Kwon Soo Ah, as a younger villain, and where she would fit into this chart. I think something that makes a villain really interesting is the nuance, so I tend to notice the inconsistencies more than the baseline–like her secretly smoking. She breaks rules as well as trying to make the rules work for her. Another thing that was funny in that drama is that the adults were often more chaotic/non-lawful than the kids…

        • Audrey says:

          I never watched SGG, but it’s always fun trying to sort out where you’d stick characters in an alignment chart. Good characters can be very messy, so it’s hard to figure out the perfect slot for them.

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