History Textbooks, Baby Elephants, and Drama News

I threw in the baby elephant so you’d feel better about the overall content of this link roundup.

June 12 summit: “Historical summit finalized for June 12 at 10 am at Singapore’s Capella Hotel” and “N. Korean leader Kim Jong-un to arrive in Singapore on June 10.”

The Park Geun-hye saga: “Prosecutors to take up history textbook case.”

Korean Air scandals: “Worst day for Korean Air chief’s family: Mother, daughter in deep trouble.”

Gwangju Uprising: “Gov’t launches probe into sexual violence during 1980 pro-democracy uprising.”

#MeToo: “Prosecution reopens Jang Ja-yeon sexual abuse case,” and “Vicious voices scapegoat victims for speaking out : Korea’s legal system makes it easy to target those who have come forward with sex crime allegations.”

“Why do workers choose not to do their best?” Because their companies suck and they aren’t properly compensated.

“Judges seek thorough investigation of ex-chief justice” and “[Abuse of Judicial Authority] Lodge Accusations, Cooperate with the Investigation, or Withhold Comments: What Will Kim Myeong-su Choose?” Yikes at all of the allegations.

“Korean gov’t rejects visa request from same-sex marriage couple.” Damn it.

“Listening to the Life Stories of Women Storekeepers, Listening to the Times.” An introduction to oral histories of the women storekeepers of Mangwon Market.

“First elephant born in 23 years at Seoul zoo named ‘Kori’ by children.” Awwwww.

“Lee Young Ae’s Upcoming Historical Spy Drama Reveals More Details.” Okay, this sounds amazing. I want this. All of this.

Lee Seung Gi and Bae Suzy confirm ‘Vagabond.'” Hey, as long as it is better than Gu Family Book, I might stick around.

“Upcoming Drama Starring Song Seung Heon, f(x)’s Krystal, And Lee Si Eon Shares New Details.” GASP, the driver gets to be a lady? Other than that, I don’t really care.

“JTBC Announces Plans For 2nd Season Of ‘Waikiki.'” Huh.

“Yoon Kyun Sang Confirmed To Join Kim Yoo Jung And Song Jae Rim In New Drama As Male Lead.” Really? Yikes at that age gap.

“‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim’ Off To Strong Start With First Episode Ratings.” That’s a good sign. Need to start it this weekend.

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