North Korean Noodles, Adoptions, and Drama News

Lots of politics and corruption in this one, but there are some fun things to decompress with.

North-South politics: “Koreas agree to hold military, Red Cross talks, open Kaesong liaison office,” “Trump announces meeting with Kim Yong-chol in Washington, DC,” and “Trump puts N. Korea summit back on for June 12.”

Korean Air scandals: “Korean Air chairman’s wife to be grilled by police” and “Police seek arrest warrant for Korean Air chairman’s wife.”

Sewol Ferry: “Simple safety protocols would have saved the Sewol, study indicates.”

Investigations into the Lee Myung-bak government: “Court orders Lee Myung-bak to appear at every scheduled hearing” and “Government asks prosecutors to investigate overseas development projects under Lee Myung-bak.”

#MeToo: “Police seek arrest warrants for two pro baseball players accused.”

“Ramen expo to invite North Korean ramen to Seoul.” An expo all about instant noodles sounds amazing.

“Busan district office and police remove forced laborer statue near Japanese consulate.” Doesn’t sound like this is over.

“Some of Joseon era’s soldiers were into leather.” This is less kinky than the headline makes it sounds. XD

“[Graphic News] North Korea: The world’s most isolated country.” Here, have some depressing stats in faux tarot-card form.

“Former chief justice denies abuse of power allegations” and “Supreme Court issues apology.” The current chief justice is still trying to decide if he’ll bring criminal charges against his predecessor.

“Dismissal of KTX female train attendants possible result of political tradeoff.” One of the possible casualties of the former chief justice’s abuses of power.

“Swing Voters Making up over 20% of the Voters, the 20-Somethings, and Early Voter Turnout May Be the Hidden Keys.” Local elections are on June 13.

“Family tragedy turns into family business.” Kang Eun-mi and her husband (and their employees) run a farm and deliver ready-made side dishes.

“South Koreans Prefer to Adopt Girls: Study.” Boys are more frequently adopted overseas.

“Exports of Korean Cultural Content in 2016 Surpasses US$6 Bn for 1st Time.” Games were the biggest category at over half the total.

“BTS snatches No. 1 on Billboard 200, first time for Korean artist.” Congratulations!

“‘The Miracle We Met’ Concludes With Its Highest Viewership Ratings.” Congrats on hitting 13%!

“‘Suits’ Approaches Double-Digit Ratings Again + ‘Come And Hug Me’ Sets Personal Ratings Best.” Here’s hoping you hit the double digits.

“Yeo Jin Goo And Girl’s Day’s Minah Confirmed As Leads Of ‘Absolute Boyfriend,’ Hong Jong Hyun In Final Talks.” Filming is to start in July, but apparently they don’t have a network yet?

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