Summits, Radioactive Mattresses, and Drama News

I’m just going to go scream in a corner over this first set of links.

June 12 summit: “North Korea Takes Action toward Denuclearization, But Significance of the Test Site Dismantlement Pales,” “Trump cancels summit with Kim Jong-un in Singapore,” “President Moon calls emergency meeting after Trump cancels North Korea-US summit,” “North Korea urges US to revive summit,” “Trump says Kim summit could still go ahead June 12,” and “Moon’s office welcomes renewed hope for U.S.-N.K. summit.”

Korean Air scandals: “Customs service seizes suspected smuggled goods at Korean Air supplier,” “Police to call in Korean Air Chairman’s wife for questioning over alleged abuse,” and “Korean Air heiress questioned over Filipino housekeepers.”

Investigations into the Lee Myung-bak government: “Ex-President Lee denies corruption charges at first hearing” and “Ex-President Lee asks for selective attendance at court hearings.”

“Largest ever women’s rally protests spy-cam pornography” and “Police books man for threatening to attack female protestors with acid.” Because that’s the correct reaction to women protesting, clearly. /sarcasm

“Gov’t confirms discovery of more radioactive bed mattresses.” …wait, what?

Abortion ban challenge: “Abortion ban challenged at Supreme Court” and “Women’s Groups Rally Against Anti-Abortion Law.”

“Because our love doesn’t hurt anyone.” A personal essay on a woman cutting her hair short and dating another woman.

#MeToo: “Drama production companies eye to include #MeToo clauses.”

“Coach accused of abusing PyeongChang gold medalist Shim Suk-hee.” A government investigation found that Cho Jae-beom repeatedly punched and kicked the Shim.

“Majority Find Cause for Conscientious Objectors Incomprehensible.” But at least the majority favored an alternative to military service.

“Korea Grapples with Growing Discontent over Shorter Work Week.” Hourly workers in particular aren’t happy that they’ve lost chances for overtime.

“Money, patriarchal culture stand in the way of Korean men taking child care leave.” This is not terribly surprising, but still depressing.

“MoonMoon’s secret criminal record exposed” and “MoonMoon dropped from agency over spycam charge.” GOOD RIDDANCE.

“Kim Dong Wook, Kim Jae Wook, And Jung Eun Chae Confirmed For New OCN Supernatural Drama.” Ooooh, I like the sound of this.

“Update: Hyun Woo And Yoon So Hee Confirmed To Lead New MBN Drama.” Honestly, give me all of the supernatural stuff this year, please.

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