4 Hopes for Secret Mother

I know, I know, I just finished a show all about mothers (which actually included a secret mother!), but I’m a sucker for shows about ladies over the age of thirty, and it looks like we’ve got several here. Plus, you’ve got mysteries and probably murder, so I am definitely intrigued. Still not sure if I’ll be able to watch it (Edit: Between queuing this and this going up, it looks like it’s a Viki Pass Plus show, so that’s a no), but I’m going to talk about my hopes for it anyway.

The show goes all in on examining privilege. Give me some class commentary about all the advantages rich people have and rigged education systems and—if we do have murder—all the terrible things the privileged/powerful can get away with. I want sharp, scathing commentary about basically everything, okay?

Something interesting actually happened to Eun-young’s sister. I’m 80% certain the sister is dead because I’m a cynic, and if that’s true, I’d like it to be because of something interesting. None of this tired “had an affair with a rich dude and he murdered me when I became inconvenient” stuff, because that’s immensely boring. I want Eun-young to find a more interesting answer than that for her sister’s disappearance.

Something interesting actually happened to Yoon-jin’s daughter. She is dead according to the info I’ve seen about the show, so I’d like for there to be something unusual, unique, memorable about the truth behind her death. I’m tired of girls being treated as disposable portions of the narrative, so give me something worthwhile here. Give me suspicions that actually pay off.

Give me sismance. I just want two (or more) ladies teaming up to become an unstoppable force (for good or evil, I’m not picky). I got a lot of mother/daughter stuff in the last show—now I want friendships/rivalries/etc. between peers. Please?

Is Secret Mother on your watch list? What are your hopes for the show?

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