Motherhood, Children’s Day, and Drama News

Things aren’t going too hot for the Korean Air family, and mothers get the short end of the stick. Also, cult stuff maybe?

The Inter-Korean Summit Meeting: “Peace on Land and Sea: Will the Demilitarized Zone Be ‘Demilitarized’?” “Residents near North Korean border relieved at removal of propaganda loudspeakers,” “Panmunjeom Declaration implementation committee holds inaugural meeting at Blue House,” and “More than half of S. Koreans trust NK willingness for denuclearization.”

Korean Air scandals: “Ediya Coffee terminates contract with Korean Air heiresses,” “Prosecution rejects Korean Air heiress’ arrest warrant over alleged assault,” “Cho Hyun-ah, Hyun-min Regularly Smuggled Chocolate and Designer Handbags from Overseas,” and “Korean Air employees hold candlelight vigil against controlling family.”

Investigations into the Lee Myung-bak government: “Ex-president Lee Myung-bak denies all corruption charges in initial hearing.”

“Druking Scandal Shadows Moon Jae-in’s ‘Super Spring.'” A scandal has erupted over the manipulation of comments on Naver, and what responsibility the company has toward the people. (This seems fairly equivalent to all the Facebook stuff that’s been revealed over the last couple months.)

“Police grill Rep. Kim on bribery, manipulation.” This is tied into the Naver comments manipulation scandal.

#MeToo: “Rape apology sought from baduk champion,” “NHRCK Survey Confirms High School Teachers Are Sexually Harassing Their Students,” and “The #MeToo Poem That Brought Down Korea’s Most Revered Poet.”

“Dark side of play for S. Korea’s female game makers.” *screams into the void*

“Unwed single mothers battle against harsh reality.” 83% of single parents in Korea do not receive any child support from the noncustodial parent. 80% of Korean single parents are women.

“Working mothers struggle to meet demands: Balancing duties of home and the office come at a cost.” Working mothers in their 30s spent an average of 174 minutes on leisure activities, while working fathers in their 30s spent 237 minutes.

“Koreans work third-longest hours in OECD.” Mexico and Costa Rica were first and second, respectively.

“Children’s Day: A celebration of childhood.” A brief look at Children’s Day in Korea.

“Military’s ‘glass ceiling’ eliminated in South Korea.” Good.

“‘Suits’ Maintains Lead In Its Time Slot As ‘Switch’ Sees Increase In Viewership Ratings.” You’re so close to double digits!

“My Mister is on vacation this week.” The show will be back on May 9 and 10.

“Jo Jung Suk And YoonA To Unite As Leads Of New Action Film.” His IRL girlfriend is only five months younger than him, why do casting directors keep sticking him with ladies a full decade younger?

“​Evergreen’s Hwang Chan Ho dies of heart attack.” Condolences to his family and friends.

“Lee Si Young And Ji Hyun Woo Confirmed As Leads For MBC Drama.” Do I like you enough to sit through a medical drama?

“K-pop heavyweight Park Jin-young denies preaching for religious cult.” This seems fitting for 2018.

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