4 Hopes for Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food

So, even though it still doesn’t look like there’s a legal way for me to watch this show, I’m going to be bitter post my hopes for it anyway. I have been dying to watch it ever since it was first announced because I absolutely adored the cinematography in Secret Love Affair and Heard It Through the Grapevine. Plus, the premise speaks to the core of my soul. In any case, here are four hopes I have:

  1. Joon-hee respects Jin-ah as much as he has feelings for her. Look, nothing ruins a noona romance faster for me than when the guy is arrogant or stomps all over the lady’s boundaries. *snarls at I Need Romance 3* Basically the shy/eager vibe he projected in the teasers? I need that, always, coupled with him listening to her and not thinking he knows best because he’s the dude. She’s got several years of life experience on him, so don’t just dismiss her because she doesn’t think/feel/say what he wants her to.
  2. Joon-hee defends Jin-ah should anyone make “too old”-esque comments in his presence. Again, this boils down to respect. Perhaps the second-fastest way for me to sour on a romance is if the guy won’t stick up for his love interest in front of his friends/peers/family. With Joon-hee’s experience abroad and white-collar career, I can just imagine the kind of snobbery that could be lobbed Jin-ah’s way. If anyone dares to imply that he could “do better” than Jin-ah, then I want him to shut that down immediately.
  3. Jin-ah has a life outside Joon-hee. She built a life without him in it, and I want that life to continue existing even after he shows up. I want other people and things to continue to be important to Jin-ah because a romantic relationship isn’t the end-all, be-all of a person. Yes, Jin-ah, get swept off your feet, but remember in the morning that you’ve got a life to live that isn’t centered on Joon-hee.
  4. Jin-ah and Kyung-sun have a great friendship. Things can be a bit awkward after the initial what do you mean you like my little brother shock, but I want their friendship to survive and thrive even if romantic feelings are brewing between Jin-ah and Joon-hee. I need more female friendships, please!

Will you be watching the show? What are your hopes for it?

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