Kpop Friday: Suzy’s “SObeR”

My life has been a ridiculous lately, so I haven’t been in the mood much for high-energy, adrenaline fueled songs. I need something chill. Something that I can put on in the background and just let it percolate. Enter Suzy’s “SObeR,” which immediately won me over.

“Sober” has very little instrumentation—it’s largely Suzy’s vocals and synth bubbles, plus a bit of a beat and some snapping. The sound gets fuller in the chorus as more instruments/synth swoop in, but I really like the pared down instrumentation with Suzy’s voice. It suits the song since it makes it feel like she knows she is just drunk enough to (try to) be careful about picking her words during the verse but starts to get more worked up in the chorus, only to pull back again when she remembers she’s trying to be cool and direct about all this.

The lyrics paint a straightforward picture of a girl saying that since she’s already drunk, they should just have an honest conversation about their feelings because she’s tired of all of their meaningless talks:

No, not like this anymore
Tell me your heart today
I’m not sober
Mom, if you think I’m crazy, I don’t care
Cuz I’m not sober

The MV is cute and colorful. Suzy and her backup dancers look like they’re having fun in the bar/hotel, though we got less of the choreography than I’d hoped. (Here, have a stage performance.) The dance goes back and forth between cute/flirty and sexy, and I think it fits well with the drunk-and-wanting-to-be-enticing vibe of the song. There is a lot of drunk vision going on in the MV, though, both with filters and wonky camera angles and transitions, so be prepared for that.

I’ve already listened to this song a good two dozen times, and it’s made it on my list for the next time I’m on a music buying spree. You should give it a listen if you haven’t already.

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