Doctors, Con Artists, and Noonas

We’ve got three new kdramas this week, and I am absurdly bitter that Netflix has entered the kdrama market as I’ve been desperately wanting to watch Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food ever since I heard it was first announced. Alas, it looks like I’ll have to skip it. Are any of these dramas on your watch list?

A Poem a Day
16 episodes
Availability unknown

Woo Bo-young always wanted to be a poet, but she chose to study physical therapy in order to make ends meet. She joins a hospital’s physical therapy department under Ye Jae-wook. He is a team leader at the hospital and also teaches new therapists. Shin Min-ho is another trainee at the hospital, but he’s only there because his parents forced him to when his grades weren’t good enough for medical school. This drama follows the lives of Bo-young, Jae-wook, and Min-ho, along with the other people in their department, as they try to figure out life.


32 (mini) episodes
Available on

Sa Do-chan is a brilliant man who could have taken the bar exam and become a prosecutor—but instead he uses his intellect to scam, cheat, and lie his way through life as a conman. Do-chan teams up with several other people, including Prosecutor Oh Ha-ra, to take care of the criminals that escaped the justice system.



Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food
16 episodes (maybe?)
Allegedly on Netflix as Something in the Rain

Yoon Jin-ah works as a supervisor at a coffee shop with her best friend, Seo Kyung-seon. Even though Jin-ah’s life seems pleasant and easy as a single woman in her 30s, Jin-ah feels like her life is hollow and directionless. When Kyung-seon’s little brother, Joon-hee, returns from abroad, Jin-ah’s life and heart get shaken up.

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