Romances and Rich Families Headed Your Way

We’ve got three new dramas on the horizon. I don’t think I’ll be picking up any o f them, but will you be checking them out?

Let’s Look at the Sunset Holding Hands
32 (mini) episodes
Available on (as Hold Me Tight)

By all accounts, Nam Hyun-joo has a good life. She married her college sweetheart, Kim Do-young, and has spent half of her life as a housewife while he works as an architect. But when Hyun-joo is diagnosed with a serious illness, her perspective on her life shifts radically. She asks Do-young for a divorce—just in time for Do-young’s first love, Shin Da-hye, to return from abroad. In addition to turning her husband’s life upside down, Hyun-joo also complicates the life of Jang Suk-joon, her doctor. Hyun-joo and Do-young will have to reflect on the years they spent together while they confront Hyun-joo’s mortality.

My Ajusshi
16 episodes
Available on (as My Mister)

Lee Ji-han is struggling to get by as a temp worker, but her debt makes it impossible for her to get ahead. She accepts any job she comes across, and her latest one has her learning all about engineer Park Dong-hoon. He is a quiet man, but his cautious and stoic personality has taken its toll on his marriage, and he worries about his struggling brothers. As Ji-han and Dong-hoon get to know one another, they slowly start to build a strong connection—one that may allow them to help each other handle their problems.

Rich Family’s Son
50 episodes
Available on (as The Rich Son)

Lee Kwang-jae is the immature son of a wealthy family. But he is forced to grow up quickly when his father dies and leaves the family burdened with a mountain of debt. In order to preserve his family’s honor, Kwang-jae decides to pay off all of the debt. While Kwang-jae struggles, Kim Young-ha decides to support him.

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