Two Shows With Police Officers

We have two different shows with police officers in them this week, and for once it doesn’t look like either of them are thrillers. Will you be watching?

That Man Oh Soo
16 episodes
Availability unknown

Seo Yoo-ri is a police officer with a cheerful personality who supports her family on her own. One day she meets Oh Soo, who on top of working as an engineer, café owner, and barista, also uses a magical pollen to help people fall in love. Things get complicated when Oh Soo gets a dose of the pollen himself—and falls in love with Yoo-ri.



16 episodes
Availability unknown

At the busiest precinct in the country, police officers Han Jung-oh and Yeom Sang-soo may be in over their heads. While Jung-oh has to fight against the sexism in the office to be taken seriously, Sang-soo gets on his superior’s bad side and is repeatedly struck by bad luck. Meanwhile, former rising star Oh Yang-chon has been demoted due to an unfortunate incident. Can the three of them figure out how to uphold justice both on and off the Hongil patrol?

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