There Go Your Saturdays

I don’t know why three different networks are suddenly putting Saturday-only shows into their lineups and then debut them all on the same day, but hey, I’m not a network scheduler. Oh, we’ve also got the second season of Mystery Queen, plus it turns out that Children of a Lesser God got pushed back because of the Olympics and thus also starts on this Saturday. Dear lord. Any of them on your watch list? I’m tempted by Grand Prince.

Mystery Queen 2
16 episodes
Available on (as Queen of Mystery 2)

Yoo Seol-ok used to dream of becoming a detective, but her life took a different turn after she married a prosecutor. Seol-ok ended up as a housewife—until a mystery crossed her path. She ended up solving it when no one else could, and in the process, earned the respect of Detective Ha Wan-seung. In this second season of the show, Seol-ok and Wan-seung continue working together to solve crimes.


Good Witch
40 episodes
Available on

Housewife Cha Sun-hee and flight attendant Cha Do-hee are identical twins with opposite personalities. Sun-hee is warmhearted and kind, and she supports her currently unemployed husband, Bong Chun-dae. Do-hee, on the other hand, is coldhearted and has a “witchy” reputation. One day, Sun-hee has to pretend to be Do-hee, and she meets co-pilot Song Woo-jin, who has is selfish and narcissistic.

My Husband, Oh Dak-joo
24 episodes
Available on (as My Husband, Mr.  Oh!)

Han Seung-joo is an ambitious PD at a broadcasting station, but her status as a single woman in her mid-30s has been holding her back. In order to get access to the social power of being a married woman, Seung-joo proposes a marriage of mutual benefit to Oh Jak-doo, a naive man who lives in the mountains. Seung-joo and Jak-doo start their marriage without feelings, but it doesn’t stay that way for long.

Grand Prince
20 episodes
Available on

Sung Ja-hyun is the daughter of a government official. Her beauty and personality attract the attention of not one, but two princes: Lee Kang and Lee Whi. Lee Kang is the heir to the throne, and his ambition to keep his place in succession and desire to win Ja-hyun’s heart make him dangerous. Lee Kang, meanwhile, is third in line for the throne, and he falls for Ja-hyun just as deeply. How far will these brothers go to win Ja-hyun’s heart?

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