Kpop Friday: LOOΠΔ/Chuu’s “Heart Attack”

Sometimes the only thing that can breathe life into your dead winter heart is a huge dose of cute, and wow, does “Heart Attack” deliver. The almost-done-debuting girl group LOOΠΔ has only been vaguely on my radar, but my corner of the internet practically exploded when Chuu (member #11) debuted her single.

“Heart Attack” is an upbeat love song about having a huge crush on someone–racing heart, obsessive thoughts, and all–with earnest lyrics that are on just the right side of saccharine:

Pounding more and more
I’ll give it all, take my heart
Surely you’re my destiny

It shines fully in my heart
This must be what thrill feels like, darling
Eventually I fall into you
You attack my heart

My favorite parts of the song are the (pre-)chorus, though the bridge is pretty good, too. I’m not as fond of the transitions between the verse and the chorus–it’s such an abrupt shift that my subconscious keeps thinking it’s an editing accident or internet hiccup. Aside from that, though, the song is very catchy, and I’ve had it on repeat for about an hour now.

And while the song is fun, what got people’s hearts a-fluttering was the MV–which is all about Chuu having a monstrous crush on another girl. It’s so cute, guys. (Except for the occasional stalker-y vibe. I would much rather we had ditched the telephoto lenses and just kept to Chuu copying the things that Yves was doing and giving her adoring looks from afar.) Whoever directed this MV knows how to capture that hopelessly-heart-eyes-for-you vibe, and Chuu is so very good at making heart eyes.

If you want an instant lift to your mood, you need to check out “Heart Attack” and bask in its please-notice-me-and-love-me-*crying face* energy. I’ll be sure to check out the group when they finally debut as a whole.

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