Just Between Lovers, Episode 9

TL;DR: Will none of you listen to the woman you claim to love? ASDFJKL;

This episode is basically a merry-go-round of people just ignoring what Moon-soo is telling them, and it makes me want to tear my hair out. First was her dad, who insisted she shouldn’t be around Kang-doo and should instead pursue something with someone “normal.” I’m actually really happy that Moon-soo pushed back by pointing out that her parents appear to be most interested in making her appear normal. (Did they ever try to get her therapy, or would that have been against appearances?) One could argue that they’re operating out of concern for their daughter’s welfare; one could also argue that maybe an adult daughter can decide for herself what’s best for her.

Joo-won cemented his place on my shit list by compounding his bad behavior in the previous episode with trying to dodge getting a hard “no, I’m not interested in you,” from Moon-soo. Really dude?  Not even Yoo-jin is cowardly dodging your no to her. (She also can’t fire you from your own company, so that’s nowhere near the same as the power differential between you and Moon-soo.) I’m doubly aggravated because Joo-won knows that Moon-soo’s dad is the one who aggressively confronted his father shortly before his father died by suicide, and that makes me worried that Joo-won is actually concocting some kind of revenge scheme using Moon-soo—which makes me even more angry that he’s not listening to her no.

And Kang-doo—*sighs* Kang-doo, I get the fact that your self-esteem is in negative territory and that you’re terrified about opening up to Moon-soo and hurting her and/or causing her to run away and utterly destroying what’s left of your fragile heart. But dude—she’s yelling at you on the street about all the physical affection you showed her and she was totally going to fight that banker for you and she told you flat out that she’s not interested in Joo-won even though apparently everyone else in the world thinks he would be better for her. How dare you try to pass her off to Joo-won like a possession you don’t trust yourself not to break? She wants you. She has chosen you, over and over again, and then you stare her down as you deliberately sail away before crying to yourself over your self-inflicted heartbreak. ARGH.

(This may be the episode that denies this couple OTP status for me. *tears out hair*)

In less hair-tearing-worthy news, I was not expecting Yoo-jin to be the one to let the information slip about Kang-doo also being a collapse survivor. I actually loved how that sequence played out, starting with a hallucination of the shattering window and how Moon-soo started to remember more and more things as she reexamined past conversations with Kang-doo. It was so awful to watch her cry over Kang-doo’s soccer shirt, and now I’m desperate to know just how much she remembers.

(And desperate to know what she’ll say to him now that she’s figured out he’s been keeping their connection a secret from her.)

Because we still don’t know all what happened underground. We have yet to nail down a timeline. At which points did Moon-soo and Sung-jae meet Kang-doo? So far, we haven’t seen them with Kang-doo at the same time. When did Moon-soo and Kang-doo get separated? Why did they get separated?  (Moon-soo searching for supplies, perhaps?)

We have passed the midpoint of the show, so at some point Moon-soo is going to need to get her memory back, right? It’s time we got some answers about what happened between her and Kang-doo (and Sung-jae) in the collapse so our second half can focus on the corruption at Cheongyu and, you know, maybe getting our traumatized cast into a better headspace.

Everything else is chugging along without too much of note. I did enjoy the medicine seller deliberately wasting Yoo-taek’s time, but she had another forgetful moment with Ma-ri (and downed some strong pain pills once Moon-soo left) that ramps up my concern for her. When will someone who loves her confront her about the signs that something is wrong?

The memorial project scene in this episode had me in tears, and I really hope Moon-soo (and Kang-doo, if he gets his act together and comes back) can finish the memorial project properly. A well-designed, thoughtful memorial could bring a lot of solace to the survivors and the bereaved—especially her, I hope.

By the Numbers

  • Dead dogs: 1
  • Ignored calls: 2
  • Evil-detecting cats: 1
  • Forgotten hamburgers: 1
  • Bechdel Test: 9 episodes passed

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