One fantasy romance to start 2018

There’s one short time-travel romantic comedy for you to kick off 2018. Personally, I think the older version of Shin-woo should focus on helping his younger self woo Ji-soo, but that’s just my adult self trying to make this setup less creepy. Will this make it on your watch list?

Longing Heart
8 episodes
Available on

Math teacher Kang Shin-woo still regrets never confessing his feelings to his first love, Han Ji-soo, from high school. So when strange circumstances throw him back ten years into the past, he finds himself with a second chance at resolving his feelings. However, the one thing Shin-woo didn’t expect was to run into any competition—much less competition from his own, younger self.

This drama is based on the webtoon Aeganjang by Kim Hee-ran and Kim Byung-gwan.

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