My Kdrama Hopes for 2018

I spent some time yesterday contemplating what my perfect version of dramaland would look like, and that morphed into a general list of hopes for the new year. Here’s a non-comprehensive list of what I want from dramaland in 2018:

  • Heroines who have more than one important woman in their life (friends, family, co-workers, etc.).
  • Minor actresses being paired with minor actors instead of with adult men.
  • Female characters who call out male characters on their shit.
  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi that actually takes its mythology/technology seriously and doesn’t abandon it partway through.
  • Well-rounded LGBTQIA characters.
  • CPR being used for its intended purpose and not for a romantic moment.
  • Children who call out their parents on their shit.
  • Competent villains who pose a serious threat to the heroes.
  • Mothers being addressed by name and not just as “so-and-so’s mother.”
  • Prickly, angry, unlikeable women who get shit done and inspire someone to fall in love with them.
  • Actors who have been accused of sex crimes not being cast in anything at all.
  • College dramas.
  • Crime/procedural dramas with more than one female character on the team.
  • Female geniuses who get to be undisputed masters in their fields.
  • Female villains who are evil because of something else besides love and have dedicated minions.
  • Heroes who are gentle, kind, compassionate and have a never-ending supply of heart eyes for the people they love.
  • Good, supportive parents who want the best for their children, even if they disagree about what the best thing is.
  • Noona romances.
  • Heroines over the age of 35 in weeknight programming (not just in the weekend family dramas).

What do you hope dramaland brings you in 2018?

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