Kpop Friday: The Rose’s “Sorry”

Are you in the mood for desperately apologetic boys and slow rock songs? I know I am. Enter The Rose, a four-person band, and “Sorry,” the song they debuted with in August.

“Sorry” a solid debut that shows off the group’s strengths, both vocally and instrumentally. It isn’t particularly challenging, but there’s a good sort of familiarity to  the way the song progresses. I really like the guitarist’s raspy-ish voice, though I wish we’d gotten more harmonies in the vocals instead of passing the song back and forth between him and the keyboardist. The instrumentation is–well, you probably knew exactly from my first sentence what this song would sound like before you hit play. (Which I say with great love and enthusiasm. I’m on my thirty-seventh listen of this song.)

The MV is a low-budget affair filled with all sorts of familiar tropes, from boys being sad in the rain rain to roads leading nowhere to empty landscapes to pointless destruction of inanimate objects to mostly faceless women. It serves as a pretty good visual introduction to the group, with several lingering shots of the guys as they’re playing their instruments or being angsty.

If you are interested in adding more Korean bands to your playlist, you should give The Rose a shot. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to listen to their second song.

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