Two dramas to wrap up November

We have two new Monday/Tuesday dramas, both of them center on cops/detectives, and they’re both in the annoying mini episode format. Will you be watching either one? I’m a little tempted by Two Cops, but we’ll see how that goes.

Doubtful Victory
40 (mini) episodes, SBS
Available on (as “Oh, the Mysterious”)

After spending ten years on death row for a crime he didn’t commit, Oh Il-seung breaks out of prison and passes himself off as a detective in order to chase down real criminals. He is soon offered a new, permanent identity—provided he can find a hidden cache of 100 billion won in three days. Il-seung quickly becomes entangled with Detective Jin Jin-young, who is trying to find out who really killed her father.



Two Cops
32 (mini) episodes, MBC
Available on

Cha Dong-tak is a detective in the Violent Crimes Unit. During one of his investigations, he crosses paths with Gong Soo-chang, a con artist, who ends up “possessing” Dong-tak’s body. While they try to figure out how to cohabitate in one body, Dong-tak encounters rookie reporter Song Ji-ahn. Her determination and feisty spirit causes her to butt heads with the straitlaced Dong-tak, but they also end up developing feelings for one another.

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