Two dramas that I missed

Because who needs queues and I totally needed a week to recover from my vacation. Last week there were two new dramas, and while neither is my cup of tea, one of them might be yours. Have you started watching either?

10 episodes, OCN
Available on

When Yoo Eun-ho touches someone, he can read that person’s mind. That power has made him suspicious of others since he can tell whenever they are lying, and that mistrust has spilled over into his romantic life. But Eun-ho is in for a surprise when he meets Han Ye-ri, a woman whose mind and words always match up—and who also happens to have two personalities.

Meloholic is based on the 2010­–2013 webtoon of the same name by 팀겟네임/Team Get-Name.


Money Flower
24 episodes, MBC
Available on

The rich have few moral limits when it comes to protecting the wealth they have hoarded, and others will do anything to rise to their ranks—or tear them down. Kang Pil-joo had a difficult childhood growing up in an orphanage, but as an adult he is the managing director of a corporate legal team. Na Mo-hyun lives a very different life as a middle school science teacher and environmental activist. Will Mo-hyun’s dreams of a fateful love be dashed by greed?

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