One behind-the-scenes weekender for you

Don’t let the ridiculous episode count fool you–this one’s really only clocking in at sixty. (How long until you think broadcast rules can be changed so we don’t have to deal with this ridiculousness?) Will you be watching it?

Bravo My Life
120 (mini) episodes, SBS
Available on

Ha Do-na is an assistant PD and is frustrated by the fact that she is the only one of her peers still stuck at the assistant level, never having been able to take charge of a show of her own. To make matters worse, her mother’s unexpected return results in the end of her current relationship. While she tries to pick up the pieces of her heart, Do-na gets caught up in two other people’s lives: haughty PD Shin Dong-woo, and the seven-years-without-a-debut actor Kim Bum-woo. Meanwhile, veteran actress and chaebol wife Song Mi-ja finds her fantasy life crumbling to the point that she can’t even get minor roles.

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