Kpop Friday: f(x)’s “4 Walls”

It has been a stressful week, and I needed a song that I could just relax to while sipping some hot chocolate and Bailey’s. “4 Walls” was the first pick on my kpop playlist, and it was exactly what I needed.

While I definitely love the happy, upbeat f(x) of “All Mine,” “4 Walls” is a much moodier song despite its heavy reliance on synth sounds. It starts out reserved, almost quiet, though the transition into the first chorus and then Amber’s rap verse quickly ramps up the song’s intensity. The vocal performances in this one feel very tightly controlled and deliberate, even though there are a number of adlibs and soaring/fluttering notes up above.

There are several great parts in this song, from the harmonies on the chorus to Amber’s lovely alto singing, though I think my absolute favorite part is the bridge. I love how it drops down bare-bones chimes, beat, and the melody and then slowly adds background vocals before going back to the full instrumentation.

The MV is fascinating, if a little incomprehensible for me. It feels more like an aesthetic than a coherent story–not that that’s a bad thing, far from it. There are lots of little clever moments where the camera cuts between members doing the same or similar actions, and I enjoyed how the transition from mundane reality to the magical forest was marked by a literal expansion of the world(/video). The MV is a little too muted for me to call it whimsical, but there is a subdued sense of wonder throughout.

You should definitely give “4 Walls” a shot if you haven’t already. It’s one of my favorites.

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