4 Hopes for While You Were Sleeping

Park Hye-run is back with two actors she has worked with before: Bae Suzy and Lee Jong-suk. My excitement levels are high, though they are tempered a little with some specific-to-me disappointments about Pinocchio and my wariness of kdramas in general this year. Nonetheless, I have been looking forward to this ever since the drama was first announced and these two people were cast. Here are my four hopes for the show:

  • Jae-chan is kind to Hong-joo. It’s such a low bar, but it’s amazing how many heroes refuse to clear it. I’m not asking for him to instantly believe Hong-joo’s prophetic dreams or even like her (though clearly he needs to like her at some point if there’s ever going to be a romance), but I am beyond tired of guys being unnecessarily rude/outright antagonistic for the smallest, pettiest reasons. Is it so hard for an adult to be polite to another adult?
  • Hong-joo’s dreams obey rules (that we can learn) and do not break them. I got burned bad by W: Two Worlds in this regard, so I’m hoping that PHR paid attention to what went wrong with Song Jae-jung’s writing (and learned from her own world building problems in Pinocchio) and will make the effort to provide a consistent narrative with a satisfying ending.
  • Hong-joo gets to have a close relationship with her mother. I need more good mother/daughter relationships in my entertainment, and since Hong-joo lives with her mother, that’s the perfect opportunity.
  • Hong-joo and Jae-chan become a real team. None of this she-has-the-dream-and-he-runs-off-to-solve-problems-without-her thing. I want them to work together to prevent the catastrophes she sees. I want them to depend on each other and to value one another. Is that too much to ask?

Will you be watching While You Were Sleeping? What are your hopes for the show? Let me know!

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