One dreaming couple for you

There are two new dramas out this week! Are you excited for either of them? I’ll definitely be checking out the second one.

Whoops, one of them got pushed back, likely due to the broadcaster strike. It’ll premier next week.

While You Were Sleeping
32 (mini) episodes, SBS
Available on

Nam Hong-joo, currently an unemployed journalist, is a fan of Jung Jae-chan, a famous prosecutor. Despite Jae-chan’s rookie status, he is quickly gaining attention both inside and out of the courtroom. Hong-joo spends her days with her mother and looking for a full-time job, but one night she begins having prophetic dreams about upcoming events. She ends up turning to Jae-chan for help in preventing these disasters, and he reluctantly begins helping her. Can the two of them prevent the awful future that Hong-joo sees?

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