Kpop Friday: Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor”

My neck of the woods suddenly dropped thirty degrees while raining buckets, and it has me missing summer something fierce. So I decided to pull out a song that I think has captured the essence of warmer days–bright colors, energy, and–most importantly–fun. Enter “Red Flavor,” which was Red Velvet’s offering in July of this year.

It’s an upbeat song that makes me wish I could dance. The rhythm is compelling, and even when they mix up the tempo, the slower sections don’t drag the song to a halt. I’m totally in love with the chorus (and the bridge), and this song is likely to be on my running and clean-the-house-fast playlists for the next year or more.

The more I listen to it, the closer it comes to edging out “Dumb Dumb” as my favorite of their songs. It doesn’t wear me as out like “Dumb Dumb” does, and I really enjoy their voices in this one. There’s just something bright and cheery about this song that keeps me coming back.

If you had told me “Red Flavor” was actually a CF for soft drinks or to promote imported fruit, I might have believed you. I’ve got no idea what all this fruit imagery is for, but it gives the MV bright splashes of color that aren’t too overwhelming. Their styling for this video is great (thank god they left their “Russian Roulette” hair behind), but I wish we had fewer interviewing giant pieces of fruit shots and more dance sections instead.

If you’re already missing summer, make sure to give “Red Flavor” a listen. It’s rapidly becoming one of my favorites for the year.

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