Save Me, Episode 13

TL;DR: That escalated quickly.

First of all, I’m so grateful that Sang-mi bought herself some time to breathe. I am disgusted, but not surprised, that all it took was for her to point out how powerful Jung-ki is and to flatter his ego by saying she wanted to “accept” him on her own terms. I cannot wait for this bastard to be taken down, and I hope Sang-mi gets to gloat over him at some point. She deserves it after all the times she has had to endure conversation with him.

(Especially after that fruit metaphor. *VOMITS*)

In other news, I am delighted that Sang-mi is just as clever as I had hoped she was. She strapped the cell phone to her thigh and has recorded some very important conversations—yes, including that incriminating one with Jung-ki. Get all of the dirt you can, Sang-mi, because we’re almost to the finale, and your time is running out.

I’m concerned that time is running out even faster for So-rin. She is officially on Eun-shil’s suspicion radar, and as loathe as I am to admit it, incapacitating or killing So-rin would make for a solid lead in for finale week. After getting Bo-eun off the medicine, alerting an outsider to prescription forgery/abuse, and connecting Dong-chul and Sang-mi, her role in the story could be wrapped up neatly. For the record,  I will be very unhappy if that is what happens, mostly because right now it feels like she’s being caught by coincidence and not through any great effort on Eun-shil’s part. Why is So-rin closer to being caught when Dong-chul is running about and being terribly conspicuous? (Then again, Eun-shil seems far sharper than Wan-tae, so…)

Bo-eun didn’t have much screen time in this episode, but I’m thrilled that she is getting ready to play whatever part she will have in the finale. Despite the massive dose of tranquilizers, she remembered enough not to trust Eun-shil anymore and hid her pill like a pro on So-rin’s urging. I’m hoping that she’ll be able to use everyone’s perception of her as the incoherent mentally ill woman in order to gather evidence/observe whatever terrible things are headed her way.

I was particularly pleased when she realized, despite three years of drugging and varying levels of religious fanaticism and obsession with her dead son, that her husband has thrown himself at the feet of a cult leader who wants to marry their daughter against her will. (Please, let both Sang-mi and Bo-eun renounce the man when all is said and done. They can have a happily-ever-after as mother and daughter; I’ll throw things if Dad gets to be a Karma Houdini.)

Speaking of another possible Karma Houdini, Kang-soo is actually advancing the good guys’ agenda. I didn’t think that Sang-hwan would be able to convince him to help as they ran around the county. Luckily, he did, because I don’t think Sang-hwan would have been able to do this investigating on his own without trying to namedrop his father, which probably would have gotten him caught.

And wow, did they find some good stuff. Turns out Jung-ki’s pastoral certification is fake, he embezzled money, and he, Eun-shil, Wan-tae, and Wan-deok go way back. The question will be, will Kang-soo follow this through to the end? Or will he back down in the face of power like he has before to advance his own well-being?

Because honestly, at this point, it’s time for everyone to pick sides. Barring some last-minute attempt at redemption from Eun-shil (she’s still flashing back to her daughter), it’s only the smaller players that are up in the air as to where their loyalties lie. And we don’t have time for that to drag out, not when Jung-hoon has been captured and is likely being tortured/beaten in a secret underground prison.

(Who wants to bet that his son’s brutal treatment is what gets Choon-gil to confess to accepting bribes and turn over more evidence against the Guseonwon? Here’s hoping it won’t cost you your son’s life…)

By the Numbers

  • Living witnesses: 2
  • Hidden cell phones: 1
  • Pills not swallowed: 1
  • Bechdel Test: 10 episodes passed

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